10 Mystery and Uniqueness of The Human Body

All around us there are many mysteries regarding our bodies. For example, why Yes we took evaporated when friends evaporate? Or, why do we get goose bumps?

All around us there are many mysteries regarding our bodies. For example, why Yes we took evaporated when friends evaporate? Or, why do we get goose bumps?
During this time we received it alone, because it considers it is many things created by God to us. As it turns out, all this there is a scientific explanation.
1. Why do we hiccup?The advantages of eating, alcohol, flavor of love, or stressed, phrenic nerve to stimulate, which controls the diaphragm (the muscle layer that controls the respiratory tract). This diaphragm and contracting.
At the same time, glotis (part of the larynx where the vocal cords) close air cover so that the course, according to Patricia Raymond, M.D., gastroenterologist in Chesapeake, Virginia.
That’s when happened the hiccups every few seconds. Normal hiccups that happened just a few minutes, but in other cases as well. How to cope with, among others, hold your breath while swallowed, or breathe in a paper bag.

2. Why do some people have a very white teeth?As well as the color of eyes and hair, the natural color of the teeth is inherited from the parent. “Some people have an enamel-a thin layer on the surface of the teeth – the very white enamel, while others have a more yellow color,” said Richard Price, a spokesman for the American Dental Association.
Taking any medication of antibiotics such as tetracycline or amoxicillin while also influencing the process of erosion which causes destruction of the color.
Several types of certain foods also darken teeth. Coffee, tea, cola and red wine are some of them. If this happens, you have to use teeth whitening products or undergoing certain treatments.

3. Why yawning is contagious?A study published in the last issue of the journal Cognitive Brain Research suggests that if you evaporate due to the passing of a person that is close to you is actually a form of empathy You him.
This is the same as if you laugh, and your friend get a good laugh. “Yawn is triggered not only because of seeing someone yawn, but also due to hear, read, or even simply because thinking about yawning,” said Steven Platek, Ph.d., Professor of Psychology at Drexel University in Philadelphia, who led the study.
Platek and his team believe that the passing of a yawn is a primitive way in expressing the feelings of others on ourselves.

4. why our heads dizzy when drank ice?Dizziness occurs when the nerves on the palate are stimulated in a major way by the food or drink cool. Saraf-sarafnya did exist in the mouth, but the nerve centre in the brain, so that’s where you feel a dull pain.
Then why do people feel the pain in one place, even though the stimulusnya elsewhere? Seymour Diamond, M.D., executive chairperson of the National Headache Foundation, says, “a meal or SIP a drink with slow seems to reduce the effects of the cold. So began the dizziness, the fastest way to eliminate it is to drink something warm. “

5. If the carrots are good for your eyes?According to Michael f. Marmor, Professor of ophthalmology at Stanford University School of Medicine, carrots and all foods containing vitamin A is good for the eyes.
For example vegetables red, yellow, Orange, and green, including cassava, mango, and papaya, as well as eggs and liver.
The body uses vitamin A to support nerve cells in the retina that helps maintain normal vision. People that vitamin A deficiency is generally experienced a vision problem, such as nyctalopia.

6. Why there is dirt in the ears?Clean the ears done to prevent foreign objects into the ear canal. Earwax is produced by glands-glands in the outer ear to protect the inner ear from infection.
This sticky substance is precisely to prevent dust, dirt, or bugs got into the ear. The ears can clean themselves. Shit it will move slowly upwards and out of the ear, dries, and loss, or leached when you are shampooing.
If you take a shower, just clean the outside of the ear. “The ear canal is like a dead end,” said Andrew Cheng, M.D., an ENT specialist at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital.
“Cleaning the dirt with a cotton bud just make more droppings get into.” You can also scratch the ear canal, eardrum or divulge.

7. Why do we get goose bumps?Goose bumps occur when we are cold, or fear. When we are cold, the muscles around the pores to contract, causing the hand stand to create a layer of exile, according to Richard Potts, Ph.d., anthropolog and Director of the Human Origins Program at the Smithsonian’s Institution’s National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C.
All mammals have also experienced this. However, “People do not have enough body fur to respond; It is something that is left behind when we wore furry coat, “he explained.
Potts and his team theorize that centuries ago, when our ancestors on the hair pretty much, they look far more daunting. “Wild beasts will also be backwards to find prey that isn’t so scary,” she continued.

8. Why teens love to late risers?This is not because they are lazy. As a child, melatonin-hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle-removed the glands in the afternoon.
Entering puberty (from the age of 10-14 years), the hormone melatonin is released more slowly, at around 21.00-22.00.
“This Shift often makes teenagers not able to fall asleep before 11 pm,” said the teen, sleep expert Mary a. Carskadon, Ph.d., who is also Director of the Bradley Hospital Sleep and Chronobiology Research Laboratory, in Providence.
“Because teens still need nine hours of sleep or so, they try to ‘ pay ‘ bed time is wasted the night before with sleeping until noon.”

9. Why are our hands and feet are often cold?”The nerves that control blood flow to the hands and feet are more sensitive in women than men,” explains Mark Eskandari, M.D., vascular surgeon at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago.
“So as soon as the temperature goes down, the blood vessels contract, making the blood stream more slowly.”
Women also have lower blood pressure than men. When you are cold or stress, and decreased blood pressure, blood is directed to the heart, away from the hands and feet.

10. why the joints can be rattling?When you stretch the joints with, for example, section menekan-nekan fingers or rotate your spine so your voice is heard rattling, you can cause the air bubbles that are formed between the pockets inside the joint erupted.
These pockets help cushion of air between the bone and keep it slick. Gemeretaknya joints are actually not too dangerous.
“Menggeretakkan fingers, engkel, knee, or other joints does not cause arthritis, but it is also not a good habit. Flavour it brings about when menggeretakkan body very psychological nature, “said James Applegate, a family physician in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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