A Rice Sandwich

This is a reflection of Esperanza’s personality and maturity level. "A Rice Sandwich" is a chapter from the highly acclaimed "House On Mango Street," by Sandra Cisneros.

Esperanza definitely gets the attention of readers in “The House On Mango Street,” By Sandra Cisneros with her innocence and charm. Throughout the book, you see her transform into a beautiful girl. During her transformation, you will learn a little about her. Esperanza has some very interesting characteristics and personality traits.

We can see that Esperanza is very opinionated. She has an opinion for everyone and everything. If there is someone or something to have an opinion for, she has one. You will notice that throughout the book.  Her biggest opinion in “The House On Mango Street” is of the nuns. Every sentence you read about a nun is negative. In “A Rice Sandwich,” she makes a few connotations about nuns. “I always cry when the nuns yell at me, even if they are not yelling.”

Esperanza also had low self-esteem. You always see her putting herself down, or letting people trample right over her. For example, “That one? She said, pointing to a row of ugly three-flats…Yes, I nodded even though I knew that wasn’t my house and started to cry.” Anyone else, with higher self-esteem would have done a little more than just cry. They would have stood up for themselves. Do not get too down though, because by the end of the book you will see a huge leap in her self-esteem.

Esperanza also shows that she is easily influenced. You notice Esperanza submits to what her peers do? When she saw all the kids going in the canteen, she wants to go too. The influence the other kids had on Esperanza made the canteen seem real “cool.” After she begs and begs, and finally gets in, she finds out it’s not all it’s cranked up to be. As an example; “…lots of boys and girls watched while I cried and ate my sandwich, the bread already greasy and the rice cold.”

The traits listed above were just a few that Esperanza possessed. Although they all seemed negative, they fit the best with the theme of “A Rice Sandwich.” By the end of “The House On Mango Street,” Esperanza no longer has a lot of her negative traits.

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