Are Harry Potter Spells Real?

Though all of us have enjoyed the spells,potions and Magic in Harry Potter installments, but most of us have thought whether the spells are real or not.Today,I am going to answer them.

The spells employed in the Harry Potter movies were very bewildering but have you ever wondered from where did the idea of making such a theme came into J.k Rowling’s mind?.

During ancient world, There were communities which practiced an art known as Witchcraft and which is also being conducted in the current World. They used Spell-casting, performing magical rituals, harming or healing others. Performing incantations, Transformation etc. The wiccans(one who uses witchcraft) used the Energy(according to them)surrounding them for performing and casting spells.

                                                                                        So how is a spell casted?

 A spell-casting ritual involves the raising of power through the combination of visualization, incantation (the statement of goal), petition of the deities and projection of the will. It is thought that the success of the spell rests on the power and will raised and the skill with which they are focused and projected. All of these powers go into spell casting. Things aiding spell casting include words, chants, songs, movements or dance which may be accompanied by the use of objects such as ritual tools, effigies, poppet, cords, candles, and nail clippings                                         

Are the spells used in harry potter executed in reality?

The spells used in Harry Potter were casted through a Wand directly and at the spot.Though Wiccans also use a wand but the casting of spell is a very hard work. It involves a lot of energy,concentration and practice from the caster.Also the spells that are casted by wiccans do not show result at the spot , it takes time to show results, it maybe hours days or weeks.Some spells like producing a fireball are believed to be casted by them but there is no proof.


So, the spells of Harry Potter are not real, but some of them are real like potion making which is practiced by the wiccans.They make healing potions, Love potions and many other.They also have schools like Hogwarts, Though they can be seen by everybody.

Are you a little Disappointed? I was also when i got to know this.Please do not forget to comment.

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