Batman: The Dark Knight #9: I Can No Longer be Broken Review

What’s this? A GOOD issue of Batman: The Dark Knight?

No, I can’t believe it either!

I forgot at the end of The Madness review that between The Madness and Cycle of Violence there was a Night of the Owls tie-in called I Can No Longer Be Broken written by Judd Winick and drawn by David Finch and Richard Friend. Probably because it’s actually pretty good.

No, I can’t believe it either.

Instead of trying to stretch out Batman’s adventures during the Night of the Owls saga like the Detective Comics tie-in did, Winick decided to do something else. This story focuses on the Talon that attacked Lincoln March during the conclusion of Batman Vol. 2 #9. Okay, Lincoln March isn’t overly an interesting character, but the Talon here is.

One of the better things about some of the Night of the Owls tie-in issues is the fact that they dive into the life and thoughts of the Talons. And that is what this issue is: A glimpse into the life of a Talon.

It makes them less of a mostly mindless killing machine and into someone much more tragic. The Talon here isn’t a perfect man, and is one that feels relatable, afraid and very human as a result. He’s a man whose position as the assassin for the Court of Owls can be snatched away at any moment and you will actually feel sorry for the Talon at times. It’s because of that simple fact that Batman: The Dark Knight #9 another generic tie-in issue.

David Finch is only drawing this time around instead of co-plotting, and it’s probably for the best, as the art here looks even better than previous issues of Batman: The Dark Knight, particularly how he draws Batman. Sure, there are still a couple of odd moments of anatomy and sometimes the character’s faces look all the same, but he is able to bring so much mood to his art that you can’t help but love it. This issue is what people wanted from Batman: The Dark Knight since the start.

I’m honestly sorry that I forgot about this issue, because it is better than any of the 13 previous issues. I took a hell of a long time, but Batman: The Dark Knight is finally showing potential. Let’s hope Cycle of Violence can keep it up.

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