Beowulf The Movie vs.. Beowulf The Epic Poem

A short article on what I saw to be different. Please let me know if you agree and you see any other differences.

Between the movie and the epic poem, there were several differences that one can pick out. Some of the changes made from the poem to the movie improved the story but some just downplayed the plot. Overall, the changes made were reasonable due to the fact that if the creators of the film made it word for word as in the poem, the audience would have difficulty staying awake during the film. The one difference that I would like to focus on is Beowulf being less of a hero than in the poem.

            In the movie, it was seen many times that Beowulf was flawed and easily misguided and persuaded by “women.” In the poem, he was the perfect hero and was not lead astray. Although, if Angelina Jolie was tempting me, then I would be less than perfect in this case too. The movie also viewed woman as horrid and dangerous. The woman will kill off the male in the movie but the poem is so much more powerful in this case. Also, in the film, the viewer feels more sorry for Grendel and is sad to see him suffer from the noise. The movie makes the people the monsters and the monster is the good guy. In the story, Grendel is just pure evil and the son of Cain. In a way, the movie is humanizing Grendel and portraying him as a poor little child.

            As mentioned before, there are many differences between the movie and the poem. In my opinion, I enjoyed the book more than the movie because I start to feel bad for Grendel, forgetting that he is the son of Cain. I do not want to feel sorry for a monster! The one thing I liked about the movie, though, was the lack of perfection on behalf of the hero Beowulf. When reading the poem, the first thing that comes to my mind is, “Not another typical hero vs. villain story where the hero is perfect and the villain is wicked.” It is fun to see how other people interpret the story and compare the differences.

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