Book: A Thing of The Past?

This is an article I wrote about books being considered as outdated nowadays. Because of the emerging technology such as Wikipedia, E-books and other electronic methods of reading articles, books seem to have gone out of the limelight.

     Technology nowadays has overshadowed the popularity of books. Libraries tend to be less of use now because of the existence of the Internet. Copyright infringement is already widespread and can be done by almost anyone who knows how to use the information superhighway. Research on published studies is now easier done without the tedious efforts of scanning heavy and mind-cracking books from dusty shelves. Why would one want to browse on books in the library if you can access instant information by just a click of a button?

     It has been said that libraries are of less demand these days. Through the use of computers, locations of books are readily easily found in an instant. As far as i have observed, libraries are now less patronized by students than they were before. The Internet is now said to be the most convenient when finding needed information from various resources.

     Because of easy accessibility, copyright breaching is now very rampant. Articles and essays, even research works are sometimes accessed without proper citation and authorization from publishers. Intellectual property rights are now disrespected by some. People tend to copy-and-paste original works and after some simple editing; they’re done with their requirements.

     This reality is quite sad to ponder but we can never get away with it. Technology exists to make life easier in this fast-paced and ever-changing world. People are always on the go and want everything to be done in an instant. Nevertheless, for me, books should never be brought out of the limelight. The intellects of writers are best respected and protected when we use books. Books are not easily tampered and altered, unlike the information in the Internet which can be incorporated already with opinions, idea interjections and falsifications without the naive readers knowing.

      Which source can you trust best? The Britannica Encyclopedia? Or, the Internet’s popular Wikipedia? In my point of view, books are still the best when it comes to being trustworthy and reliable.

     How about you? Are you still into books? Or, just now depending on the Internet?

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  1. John Nash
    Posted October 15, 2012 at 12:47 am

    nice article!!!

  2. John Nash
    Posted October 15, 2012 at 12:47 am

    nice article!!! CAn I use your article for my class lessons???

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