Book Report on Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech

This is a book review about the book “walk two moons” by sharon creech
its short but still tells a good outline.


  Walk Two Moons                                       


  Sharon Creech


  A 13-year old girl named Sal Tree Hiddle and her grandparents are on a trip from Ohio to Idaho to find her mother. But the problem is that they have less then a week, because Sal wants to get to her mother on her mother’s birthday! On the way she tells a story of her first friend in Ohio, Phoebe Winterbottom, who strangely keeps getting messages from someone and meets this “So called lunatic”. Then her mother went missing. And some how the story about Phoebe is like the same as Sal’s life in a way. Sal did not think that Phoebe’s mother would come back, because when her mom went away, she never came back. At the end of the book, the lunatic did not come for random reasons: he kept coming because Mrs.Winterbottom was his mother!

  I enjoyed almost every single piece of the book, except for the sad parts. I didn’t like it when poor sad Gram died or when Sal discovered her mother was dead. It almost made me cry when I read those parts.

  I would recommend this book to people that are in 5th or 6th grade and that don’t mind reading very sad things that might make you cry. I give this book 4 ‘two moons’ up!                                                                         




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