Brian’s Song Character Analysis

A comparison of the characters in Brian’s Song.

Brian’s Song is about two football players and their lives. Brian and Gale were the main characters. They didn’t like each other in the beginning, but they grew to like each other. Their friendship was a little different than most friendships. Even though they were very different in many ways they were also the same in many ways too.

            Some of their similarities were Brian and Gale both were football players and played for the Chicago Bears. Both of them were married and had kids. They tried for the same position as running backs. Brian and Gale went to college and played football there. Those are just some of the many similarities between Brian Piccalo and Gale Sayers.

            Some of the differences between them are Brian is white and Gale is black. Brian is also very outgoing and likes to talk and Gale is shy. Gale in the beginning never told any jokes where as Brian told jokes all the time. When they played for the Bears, Gales number was 40 and Brian’s was 41. Those are some of the differences between Brian and Gale.

            Gale and Brain were both great players, they were different bit the same too. They were more similar as players then they were as people. Their friendship was different because they were different colored skins. At that time most blacks and whites didn’t room together, but they did. I think that was really the start of their friendship. Brian and Gale were very different and similar as both people and players.

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