Comparing Tenzing Norgay’s The Dream Comes True to Sir Edmund Hillary’s View From The Summit

This is a essay I wrote in english II during high school comparing three books on everest accents.

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Sir Edmund Hillary’s, View from the Summit, Tenzing Norgay’s, “The Dream comes true” from the Tiger of the Snows and Jon Krakauer’s, Into Thin Air were all very interesting articles on Mount Everest and each author had his own unique point of view although the sections were very different they did share several similarities like a few of the obstacles they had to overcome. Two of these obstacles was the clotting of ice around oxygen equipment and the navigation of the steep section also known as a craig. 

Each of the authors had their own reasons for writing their stories. Hillary wrote his story View From the Summit as a story of his excitement and triumph! Naming himself as more important than the other characters in the story like focusing on tenzings struggle to breathe with the clotting of the ice around the oxygen equipment. He himself had some of the same problems. 

Jon Krakauer’s article Into Thin Air was written as a way of his getting over a tragedy and correcting some mistakes he had made in a previous magazine article about the climb. He also wrote it because he thought that the magazine did not have enough space for the story. He talks often of how his thoughts of the events that took place on the mountain are driving him insane and he uses the book as a way vent his mental anguish. 

Tenzing Norgay wrote his story attempting to fix his image which was slightly tarnished by Edmund Hillary’s account. He told the truth about who made it to the top of Everest first so that people would stop pestering him as to the truth and he also thought that he must be truthful to the and the mountain.

The accounts all had a very strong tone but some of the story structures were different. Krakauer’s account started at the top of the mountain and the story went from there down while in Tenzing and Hillary’s articles they started at from the bottom of the mountain up. Krakauer used a large amount of foreshadowing what was going to happen next.

In Tenzing’s account it was as if he had 2 different works in the one story. For a few paragraphs he would talk about the climb with a voice filled with awe and respect for the place he was blessed to walk through. He would then talk about a fact that Hillary wrongfully stated like the height of the crag and in one instance where he got into talking about who got to the top first his tone became very annoyed.

Hillary’s account was filled with excitement and daring moments of heroism like when the pice of ice slid down and he almost lost is footing and when he helped Tenzing clear the ice out of the oxygen mask and when he supposedly pulled tenzing up a 40 foot crag which tenzing considered only a 15 foot crag. Hillary’s account could be described as bragging and exaggeration of events.

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