Ender’s Game In-depth Analysis of Character

In-depth analysis of changes seen in the novel of major character, Ender Wiggin.

Ender changes frequently throughout the book from a boy, to an independent and disciplined leader.  In this book, Ender faces many challenges which alter is personality and behavior entirely.  Ender first has trouble with his violence side, being a leader, and learning about the true buggers.  Ender has had a very difficult time controlling his violent side.           

            Ender in the book is very violent in an act of self-defense towards others.  Two main examples of this would be killing, in self-defense, Stilson and Bonzo.  Stilson, introduced in the beginning of the book, was jealous and a bully to Ender.  One day when ganged up on, Ender fought back so hard so that Stilson would never bully him again.  The result for Stilson was death.  Ender changes his personality immediately and reflects on how he is very much like is malevolent brother, Peter.  “I have to win this now, and for all time, or I’ll fight it every day and it will get worse and worse.”  This quote was when Ender was thinking what do next after drastically kicking Stilson.  It is the same situation with Bonzo, Ender was ganged up but made Bonzo fight him one on one, and when he kicked Bonzo right in the genitals, he knew he was like Peter again.  This shows Ender as a very scared, picked on third that wants to “win” his way out of being bullied.  Another example of Ender changing his personality is when he commands Dragon army.

            Ender later on in Battle School gets his own army, Dragon army.  This is obviously a test for Ender to see how badly he wants to win, and if he is good enough to defeat the buggers in the Third Invasion.  There was a challenge Ender had to face; all of Dragon army was launchies who he did not know.  He trained them everything he knew on how to win a battle.  He was a leader at heart and proved it by winning and winning.  There was one launchie, Bean, who was like Ender in the beginning of Battle School.  Bean was young, short but very smart.  Ender’s personality changes since he knows he wants to be tough on Bean but then thinks that he is like himself, being picked on and ordered around.  Ender still is strict with Bean and the rest of his army.  This discipline in tactics and maneuvers makes Ender the number one army in Battle School.  “He had beaten top armies by unheard-of margins.”  This quote explains that Ender rarely got any frozen or damaged and destroyed every army in very less time than it actually would.  Ender’s discipline paid off on the launchies, since he knew how to lead and teach.  His behavior had also changed to being like Colonel Graff and Major Anderson, like a commander.  Another example of Ender changing in behavior and his actions is the truth about the buggers in all.           

            Ender learns much about the buggers and changes his opinion on them.  Ender did not know why they had to attack and destroy the bugger home planet, he just thought people thought it was the right thing to do since the buggers attacked them for two invasions.  He learned that the buggers could not communicate to the humans at all.  The buggers communicated to each other even far away, in a matter of seconds.  Ender, at the end of the book, realizes that the buggers were trying to communicate to him by using his dreams.  At the end, he finds a duplicated scene, with the giant’s corpse, swings, playground and everything in the computer game he played at school.  “”Now Ender knew why it had looked familiar.  The Giant’s corpse.  He had played here too many times as a child not to know this place.  But it was not possible.”  This quote is when Ender sees the scenario from the helicopter through a binocular thinking it cannot be possible.  Behind the mirror in the game, were snakes attacking him.  On this planet in the imitation, behind the mirror was a queen bugger pupa.  Ender then and forever realizes that he was not only a destroyer of the buggers, but a new creator.  His personality changes to entirely respect and finding a home for the buggers to live together in prosperity.  Throughout this entire book, Ender changes his personality and behavior several times.           

            Ender Wiggin becomes an old, worn out understanding leader at the end of the book from a young, scared and violent boy.  Ender’s personality first changes when he realizes when killing Stilson and Bonzo that he was like Peter so never after that fought anyone again.  Second, Ender leads his own army in battle school and trains the launchies with all of his knowledge of tactics and discipline, in therefore winning every battle to be number one; this changed Ender’s actions towards others like that of a commander.  Lastly, Ender realizes the true meaning of the buggers and how they wanted him to create a new home for them by giving them a pupa queen bugger; Ender’s personality changes to devoting on finding a home for the buggers as long as it may take.  These drastic factors all lead to who Ender is now, defining the change in Ender Wiggin.  

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