How Minerva Mirabal Changes in the Book in the Time of the Butterflies

In the Time of the Butterflies how Minerva Mirabal changes in book.

Minerva Mirabal has changed the most throughout the book, In the Time of the Butterflies, written by Julia Alvarez. She has changed mostly by her attitude towards her life, her leadership, and her courage. I think this because she has definitely changed the most because of the reasons that will be stated throughout my essay. I think she is very interesting and has an intriguing personality.

To start off, Minerva co-exists with her attitude in her life. She starts as a young girl, who was kind of brash and hasty. She should think about things before being so assertive. She should have an open mind and dwell on important subjects. Minerva says how “Until the nail is hit, it doesn’t believe in the hammer.” (Alvarez 20) This quote is trying to express how the nail doesn’t know the power of the hammer until the hammer hits it. Minerva is this kind of person who won’t care about an issue or topic until the topic begins to be really serious or until one of the members of the Mirabel family gets hurt or involved into the situation. She acted like this when she was hearing about the news about Trujillo. In the later chapters she probably would have asked people about Trujillo and researched more about Trujillo before she comes to an opinion about Trujillo. After throughout the novel she noticed that she shouldn’t act so hasty and she should be more mature. She notices that life is a serious matter and she should not be playing around. Minerva notices this when she says, “”I felt a flush of embarrassment to be caught shopping when I should have been planning a revolution.” (Alvarez 289) Minerva has become the leader and understands the responsibility seriousness that goes along with this important role. She now thinks that her appeals come after her leadership role in the political group. This is a good idea because she is helping many thousands of people out in this way.

Speaking of Minerva’s leadership she has changed views on how she uses it and how she leads. She is now bolder and not scared; she is very determined to free people from the regime of Trujillo. In the beginning, she is more fretful with her immediate sovereignty and the liberty of her family. She gets mad at her parents, but ends up helping and still always cares about them. When she said, “I give Papá an angry look. Has he lost all his principles?” (Alvarez 89) Minerva is very irritated when Papa made her sit with El Jefe instead of the family. She moves on she wants to help her family more than anything. Later on in the book she wants the people of the Dominican Republic free from the dreadful Trujillo. When she says “My fear is mixed oddly with excitement at the thought that I will get to see Lío if he, too, has been captured.” (Alvarez 101) I think Minerva is a great leader for a revolution and has changed the way she leads in the book.

Minerva courage has drastically changed all the way through her life. In the beginning she was always courageous, but later she started to lose her courage when she was jailed. She was just to quit everything that she had started, but when she wanted everything that she started to come back. Minerva said “Everything I had to touch. Everything I had to taste. I wanted everything back in my life again.” (258) She also was about to come down from saving and almost gave up, but she realized that if she quit she won’t get anywhere and she said “Adversity was like a key in the lock for me.” (269) The quote means how that struggling just makes her stronger and shows herself how much stronger she is than she was before. Minerva has changed from being courageous to really cowardly, then she turned into one of the most courageous person to lead a revolution like that.

Minerva changed greatly in the book. I think she changed a lot because of her great characteristic skills that she has shown in the novel written by Julia Alvarez. She is the most fascinating and motivates other people so quickly that it amazes me. This is the reason she was able to lead the revolution. She is very I think she can always be the connected for the greatest change in the Dominican Republic.

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  1. Brent Mayfield
    Posted November 8, 2010 at 9:41 am

    you have really good grammar truuuusssssstttt meh

  2. Kitty
    Posted December 20, 2010 at 10:01 am

    You should read this aloud and see how it sounds to yourself that’s the best way to proofread your work..good ideas …sketchy on the grammar…if i were grading i would give you a C-

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