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full that he only could sit in a corner and 42 take a breather, and he was often out of pure socialist mindset, he felt sorry for the poor and wanted everything to be divided equally among all people. If David then objected to his simple program, he changed it, pretended employ calculations, turned with economic figures of the simplest kind, and ended by praising David for his erudition. It could have been anything of David if he got any school, he said, and this was a sneering suggestion that David was currently a very unsuccessful man. But within he felt Nilenius some satisfaction every time he said that David failed in something, a vicious malice step him up in his throat. David noticed this, and hated and feared him more and more. He often went away from him with a firm resolution never to speak to him again, but he could not pursue it, in a hamlet of ten houses, detached from all over the world, were these odd people incessantly to each other. Eventually got used David to seek some understanding of Nilenius, and he rejoiced at times for anyone truly interested. There was only one thing that David was immensely happy: he got a new acquaintance, a friend who Nilenius could never visit or venture upon. David Hartman – and never a word about him getting too Nilenius’ ears.

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