Keira Knightley in Magazine

Keira Knightley in the September issue of British Harper’s Bazaar (Photos + Interview)

Woman Chanel, character costume and beautiful actress Keira Knightley graced the cover of British magazine Harper’s Bazaar . Material about the actress takes 11 pages.

Photo shoot in the Gothic style made photographer Ellen von Unwerth. Actress posed for pictures in the clothes Gucci, Lanvin, Balenciaga, L’Wren Scott, and of course, Chanel.

Just started a promotional tour film “ Anna Karenina , “in which Cyrus starred. Tape was director Joe Wright. He previously worked with the actress on the film “Pride and Prejudice”, then find was for his role in the nomination “Oscar.” Film adaptation of Jane Austen was perceived ambiguously, that did not bother Wright, and he took up the work of Leo Tolstoy. Based on previous work, Joe Wright and trailer “Anna Karenina”, the film is contraindicated in those who began to criticize the film adaptation, when the screen saver appears film company, starring her picture.

We offer the most interesting excerpts from the interview the actress .

That has changed in her life after 25 years (now Knightley 27): “The youth and adolescence – a terrible period, I think that many people are experiencing. I felt uncomfortable throughout. And then I turned 25 and I realized that I was finally in order. I’ve got quite the life experience, and it’s great.

On working with Jude Law (actor played the role of Alexei Karenin): “No wonder he always wore a hat – his makeup and wig were just awful. Poor guy. At the end of the shooting day I removed the make-up and removed the wig, and I looked awful. When he was doing the same thing, he suddenly became a damn fine. And everyone said, “Oh, yes! Under the wig, then a handsome man! “

On work with Aaron Johnson (a rising film star, the film “Kick-Ass,” “The Illusionist,” played the role of Vronsky): “He’s very confident. But there is something – you never know how it is defined – that just turns into a good actor. If you ask him how he prepares, for the role, I’m not sure that he would answer something specific – he loves to improvise, and he succeeds. For his work interesting to watch. “

Why is it so important for their friendship : “Women have traditionally bad reputation, but in reality they are just wonderful. I have my moments when I’m with my friends, and I think what’s great – to communicate with them. There is nothing better than the company friends, this is the best thing in the world. We can backbite, gossip and all that, but if something does not, then we’ll discuss it and solve the problem. “

On work with Karl for Chanel : “Carl is awesome. He reads a lot. He speaks five different languages: with you in English, in French with someone, with someone else in German, and now the phone rings and he answers in Italian. “

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