Love and Punishment

" Love and punishment "( Ask ve ceza) is another production of Erol Avci, who won the world series asking the public in " 1001 nights ". The protagonists of the series "Love and punishment are Murat Yildirim, the famous "Demir" in series "Asi. Against fate "and gorgeous actress Nurgül Ağva, who won four awards the title of "Best Actress" in Turkey. They attempt to join Tomris actress, well known throughout the "1001 Nights" in the role of "Nadide", which interprets and this time an extraordinary character.

“ Love and punishment ”( Ask ve ceza ) is another production of Erol Avci, who won the world series asking the public in “ 1001 nights ”. The protagonists of the series “Love and punishment are Murat Yildirim , the famous “Demir” in series “Asi. Against fate “and gorgeous actress Nurgül Ağva , who won four awards the title of “Best Actress” in Turkey. They attempt to join Tomris actress, well known throughout the “1001 Nights” in the role of “Nadide”, which interprets and this time an extraordinary character.

Dragoste si pedeapsa

Turkish series “Love and Punishment”

The series was filmed, directed by Kudret Sabanci in Istanbul, Bodrum and Van and is distributed every Monday and Tuesday from 20:30 on the television channel Kanal D.

Murat Yildirim

Murat Yildirim, Savas in “Love and Punishment”

Nurgul Yesilcay

Nurgul Ağva, Yasemin in “Love and Punishment”

Turkish production “ Love and Punishment ”follows the story of two different worlds, featuring a dark side of Turkey, having been away from the eyes of the Western world and that the show will reveal a clearly exceptional manner.

What differentiates this show from other Turkish films running so far is revealing ancient traditions of the Turkish community and family life including all the constraints imposed. The film, on the one hand, modern side of Turkey, in modern times cotodiene family and the traditional family reveals the other side who conscientiously observe the habits and lives by the rules firmly established, even extremist might say.

The role played by the beautiful Nurgül Ağva in “Love and punishment”, Yasemin is a 25 years young, before his wedding he captures my future husband in bed with a work colleague. Because the younger sister of Yasemin’s very young and pregnant, died from an interruption of pregnancy, their father asked Yasemin dying to swear that he will be a virgin until marriage.


Yasemin series “Love and Punishment”

For her boyfriend cheated on her, young Yasemin will not be able to keep her father’s promise. To reset after betrayal, Yasemin leaves her mother has lived in Bodrum, where he meets Savas (Murat Yildirim), which is love and that will become pregnant. Interruption of pregnancy Yasemin calling into question the task has to go all the way to learn something without Savas. The latter sees his own business and no longer looking for one it was a one-night stand, and which, without his knowledge, will give birth to a child.


Savas in the Turkish series “Love and Punishment”

Savas is part of a famous family in Van, a city in eastern Turkey, which strictly comply with tradition.Returned to the country from abroad studies followed Savas shortly face a tragedy, the accidental death of his older brother and father. Following tradition, Savas becomes head of the family, and to comply with all tradition, the wife is forced to take her brother’s wife or widowed.

With no love at middle initial Savis opposes this marriage, but is seen as at risk to be killed by his own family according to Muslim tradition. So he’s forced to accept this marriage so as not life threatening, after all, the girl who has no guilt.

Meanwhile, Savas Yasemin madly in love, but must confront her own family and that of his wife to love and to live. Savas is forced to keep up appearances with his wife in relation to ward off bloodshed and a war between two families.

Savas si Yasemin

Yasemin Savaş and in “Love and Punishment”

Regarding the strange business that deals with family, Savas need to halt and build a new business to family livelihoods. But his intentions violate strict tradition, which allows him to divorce and to live with Yasemin romance.

Savas si Yasemin

Savas and Yasemin (Murat and Nurgul)

“ Love and punishment ”is an excellent adaptation of the story of love between two young people who are forced to endure a lot and make compromises in relation to concepts and does not violate Islamic rules imposed by society.

Cast of “Love and Punishment” (2010):

Murat Yildirim (Savas Baldar) 
Nurgul Ağva (Yasemin) 
Tomris attempt (Sahnur Baldar) 
Ferid Çetin (Cicek Baldar) 
Gokce Yanardag (Nazan) 
Sennur Kaya (Leyla) 
Oktay Gürsoy (Cem) 
Emrah Elçiboga (Esref)

Both young Yasemin and charming Savas fight against their families, in parallel with grief after intense love forbidden by society. Distinctive aspect of this production is exceptional illustration of the rigors and restrictions of society in Turkey and how they all leave their mark on people’s inner feelings.

The rules that guide the characters alive in the series are less harsh in the eyes of those who said they live in a democratic society.

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    I like this drama it’s very interesting , I love
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    Oh they re Evil , they make me sick , poor Savas & Yasmin I love u both good one!!

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