PHR Presents: St. Catherine University (Campus Girl Vee, The Pretty Witch): A Book Review

Witches like Vee can be so nice and pretty.

The novel, St. Catherine University, is written by Heart Yngrid and produced by Precious Hearts Romance. This is a romantic – comedy story. I liked this novel because I can relate with the character, Vee, the Pretty Witch. The story is also light and funny.


Viola Mendez, known as Vee, adapted the Wiccan religion from her mother. When her mother died, she stayed with her father. Her stepmother and two half-sisters hated her and sometimes mistreated her. Then her father decided to let her lived with her Aunt Trina Genares. Mrs. Trina Genares has only one son, Jerry Genares, and they treated Vee nicely like a family.

Vee became popular in school when there is a rumor tells that she is a witch. On the other hand, Frei admired her because she is pretty and he did not believed in the rumors about her. Frei attended the costume party of Jerry Genares. Then. he accidentally went to Vee’s room and discovered that she is a real witch. In an awkward incident, he touched her breast. That makes Vee mad. Frei thought that he could have been cursed by Vee because he made her upset when he accidentally touched her breast.  

Then, Vee decided to stay with her Aunt Raquel, the sister of her mother, Mirasol, and she inherited a big sum of money from her grandfather. Vee is afraid to be in loved with someone because she is afraid to get hurt by someone. For her, love is tragic. 

When she graduated from college, she became a famous fiction writer about mystical stories of witches and other supernatural creatures. Frei is able to find her because he thought that she could take away his curse. Vee wanted to give him a lesson so she made him a servant for two weeks. Frei still believes that he is cursed by Vee so he has to comply with her wishes. Then, they started to fall in love to each other. 

When Vee thought that Frei might tricked her for believing that she might uplifted his curse, she broke up with him. Later, Frei realized that he truly loves Vee and she is not really a bad witch. Frei is reunited again with Vee.


I said that I can relate with the heroin, Vee, because I am also fond of the mysticism of witchcraft. I can define myself as a white witch and never practices witchcraft. I like the plot of the story. The author is really a genius.  

Liked it
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  1. Posted February 21, 2011 at 4:31 am

    well informed

  2. Posted March 15, 2011 at 5:21 am

    .totoo ba tong kwento na to? an gnda grave.. nakakakilig.. kung pwede request aqo na ipalabas yn sa abs cbn sa summer.. please po.. grave.. nakakabitin yung story na to.. nabitin aqo sa kilig.. ang gndang istorya tlga e2.. pakirequest nlng po sa abs cbn na ipalabas sa tv tong kwento na e2.. xalamat po.. reply po agd.. :)

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