Point Blank Book Report

Point Blank Book Report.

In your own words, briefly describe the main character. What does the character think, say, and do?


            The main character in Point Blank, by Anthony Horowitz, is Alex Rider. Alex Rider was living the life of an average teenage boy, until he realized that his uncle was a spy working for MI6, British Military Intelligence, and died during one of his missions. Alex is later forced to join MI6 against his will. He hates Alan Blunt, the boss of MI6, who continuously is using Alex for missions that seem impossible. Alan behaves as if Alex is not a human, but an object that does what it is told, that never argues, and always listens. Well, at least that is how Alan expects Alex to carry on his duties.

            Alex enjoys the ordinary aspect of the life of a 14 year old boy. But it’s kind of hard when he is forced to be an agent that works on difficult intelligence missions. Alex used to love the idea of being a spy, but he realized a spy’s life is always on the line, every minute of the day. Interesting enough, he was magically saved through all the difficult missions. For example: one time Alex was walking home and he was sniped at, but because one foot was on the road and one on the side walk the exact second the bullet was shot, it just missed his heart. If Alex ever is in trouble during an MI6 mission, it seems as though god is on his side, because no matter how impossible it seems to get out of whatever mess he’s in, he gets out.

Describe the major theme in the story. What message about life is the author trying to express?

            The book Point Blank has a slam banging action theme. Readers might expect Alex Rider, a 14 year old spy working for MI6, to be just an ordinary spy. But really, Alex is much more. He has a black belt in karate. When he’s desperate or helpless in a mission situation, he suddenly manages to save himself through clever techniques. In a mission, few suspect a 14 year old boy to be a spy working for MI6, and this is another reason Alex has been able to basically save the world from many troubles. Anthony Horowitz shows in his book Point Blank, you don’t need buff muscles or huge guns and bombs to save many lives, but a smart mind, a lot of courage, and determined soul.

What point of view is the story written from( 1st, 2nd, 3rd, omniscient)? How does this affect the overall theme of the novel?


            The point of view in Point Blank is 3rd person. Anthony says the story as if he is not part of it but talks as if he was watching over Alex when everything happened. In my opinion, most 3rd person stories take some of the excitement away, especially for action books. It seems as though the reader isn’t part of the action. For example, in the story when it said, “Alex felt the impact of her body weight and cried out as two hands seized hold of him and threw him across the room,” the reader may not connect as much to the story until you exchange the “Alex’s” for “I’s”. In my opinion makes the reader more part of the story. I think making the action filled book 1st person would have made the fictional book a lot more realistic.

Give a brief plot summary of the book.

            Alex Rider finds himself in another job from MI6 Secret Service headquarters. An investigation into a series of mysterious deaths, leads MI6 wanting to learn more, so they send Alex Rider to the case. The people that died were all multi-million and billionaires, that all had 14 year old sons. They sent their sons to the elite prep school for rebellious kids.

            Alex rider is sent as a spy to the school to investigate what is wrong. He realizes that these once “punks” have turned into well behaved kids overnight. After going down a chimney, through a fireplace, and into a secret passage, he finds out something amazing. The people running the school were locking up the real kids and giving the parents the nice clones of them. Alex has to find out who is masterminding this evil plot. Finally through a high speed chase with snowmobiles down a mountain, Alex goes to MI6 and gives them the news. The SAS or the Specialist Regiment of the British army takes out the people who run the school, saving the students from the school.


Write one quotation from the book that you particularly enjoyed. Explain why this quotation touched, angered, interest, or intrigued you. Make a text to self, text to text, or text to world connection based on the quote.


            “You will be brought into the laboratory and I shall open you up and take a look inside you. We will not use anesthetic, and it will be interesting to see how long you survive before your heart gives out. And then of course, we shall dissect your heart.” This quote was said by the mad man called Dr. Grief, telling Alex. This quote disgusted and angered me very much. I wanted to just go in the story and stop him. But at the same time, I wanted to see what Alex would do. This type of situation intrigued me to continue to read further on in the book.

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