Potions, Gayuma, Atbp: A Book Review

The secrets revealed by the master.

I bought another book of Ruel Ruiz, “Potions, Gayuma, Atbp”, because I am very curious about the way of life of the Wiccans. Ruel Ruiz is the paranormal expert who trains people on how to handle their mind potential. He is also a consultant for both metaphysics and paranormal. This book is just a basic lesson on Potion Making.

There are three types of students who wanted to learn about Occult. The Masterminds are fonds of studying the science of the mind. The Royal Mystics are fond of studying Occult Science and Sorcery. The Ceremonial Magicians are fond of studying the system of magick. These are categorized by Ruel Ruiz in his introduction. I would categorize myself as Mastermind because I would like to practice the way of the science of mind. I think I can use this ability on how to ease my stress and control my emotions under great pressure even without using magick.

By reading good and inspirational materials, listening to a happy tune and wholesome talks, appreciating the concern of love ones, and appreciating the beauty of nature, I will be contented and happy in my life. In this way, I can overcome the negative energy.

The system of potion making is like the system of the chefs on how they come up with the delicious recipes. I don’t think that potion making is bad because its system is as same on producing lotions, perfumes, cologne, and other cosmetic products. Its system is a way of life. But, I would not depend much in potion because if I am going to attract a guy, I would better have a proper hygiene and be friendly. If he is not attracted to me, therefore it is not God’s will.

On the other hand, the paranormal expert, Ruel Ruiz, has appeared is some TV programs like Teysi ng Tahanan, Verum Est, Nginig, and Hidden Files. His other books are: Multo, Thought-forms, atbp; Sapi, Possession, atbp; Sa Likod ng Salamin: Isang Lahi Pearls from the Orient.

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