Quotes From The Book of The Power

Surely you know a phenomenal book "The Secret"? This time I want to share some interesting quotes about his latest book "The Power"

Love is not weak, maudlin or mushy. Love is a positive force in my life! Love is the source of all positive.
Whatever you want to be, do and have comes from love.

Positive power of love can create anything that is enjoyable, reproduce things that are fun, and change anything negative in your life.

Every day, every moment, you choose whether to love and to harness the power of positive or not.
Law of attraction is the law of love, and the laws that apply in your life.

Whatever you give in this life is that you will receive back in life. Give positive things, you receive a positive; give negative things, you get a negative return.

Life does not just happen to you, you accept everything in life based on what you give.

Whether your thoughts and feelings good or bad, everything turned around automatically and precisely.

The people whose lives are more pleasant to think and talk about what they like rather than the things they did not like.

Talk about good news today. Discuss what you like. And bring anything you like it for yourself.

You have unlimited ability to think and talk about anything you like, and therefore you have unlimited ability to deliver all that fun in this life to yourself!

Give love, because when love, you use the most powerful force in the universe.

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