Red Badge of Courage Book Report

Here is a free book report of the Red Badge of Courage.

The Red Badge of Courage

Author- Stephen Crane

Publisher- D. Appleton and Company

Copyright Date- 1694

Pages- 160


Non-Opinion paragraph


            The Red Badge of Courage takes place in field and land down south in the enemies (confederate) land. The plot of the story is about a boy named Henry Fleming who has joined the Civil War’s union army to fight but does not know what’s coming. Along the way of this warpath Henry encounters many things and people and even starts to question his courage he has. Henrys friend Jim Conklin is starting up rumors that the army will start marching soon to a huge battle but this is just getting Henry more anxious and uneasy about the war. Now finally the regiment gets their orders to move and there really is a huge war erupting and Henry needs to decide if he will fight or flee at night.

My Opinion of the book


            In the book The Red Badge of Courage I really liked some parts but then some parts bugged me. I liked in the book the plot and everything. But the whole story it seemed to be Henry’s POV and him the whole time. Explain how the scene looks Also it always wouldn’t be saying things out like regular books it would say things like. “He went slowly to his tent and stretched himself on, a blanket by the side of the snoring tall soldier. In the darkness he saw visions of a thousand-tongued fear that would babble at his back and cause Him to flee, while others were going coolly about their country’s business. He admitted that he would not be able to cope with this monster. He felt that every nerve in his body would be an ear to hear the voices, while other men would remain stolid and deaf”. Instead of the book just saying he went to his bed slowly and quietly while all the tall older soldiers slept. I know this writing is supposed to be beautiful and all but I would rather it just go out and say what’s going on with out all the metaphors and what not. This was an okay book I’ve read better I’ve read worse but I would recommend this to anyone who loves a Great War novel.

Liked it
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