Rhetorical Devices Used in Anthoy’s Speech (Julius Caesar)

Just an essay on three types of rhetorical devices that are used in anthony’s speech in the book Julius Caesar and how it helps in a speech.

            In Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Antony uses three rhetorical devices to sway the mob against the conspirators.

For instance in his speech he uses the rhetorical device, Logos in the speech when he says “He hath brought many captives home to Rome whose ransoms did the general coffers fill” This is logos because it’s using logic. The logic in this quote would be that Julius Caesar brought things that Rome had benefited from. After saying this he questioned the people and asked if this was ambitious making the people think twice about what Brutus had told them about Julius Caesar. Using logos was very effective for Anthony because he showed them true facts that they all knew were true and it contradicted how Brutus had described Julius Caesar.

Anthony also uses the rhetorical device, Pathos, in this speech when he says “O judgment! Thou art fled to brutish beasts, and men have lost their reason. Bear with me; my heart is in the coffin there with Caesar, and I must pause till it come back to me” In this quote you can tell pathos is being used because he is creating an emotional appeal. In this quote he is talking but he says he needs a minute to pause because the death of Caesar has brought him grief and he acts like he wants to cry. By doing this people see the way he grieves for Caesar and it starts to rub off on them since they think Anthony is a good person they think to themselves then he must have a good reason to be sad about Caesar’s death making it seem like Caesar wasn’t really as bad as Brutus had said.

The last rhetorical device he uses is ethos. He uses it in his speech when he says “Then I, and you, and all of us fell down, whilst bloody treason flourish’d over us” In this quote he talks about how when the conspirators betrayed Caesar, they betrayed everyone (and he is including himself). This makes his speech more effective because now he is saying that he is one of them and he is gaining credibility therefore inferring that his feelings and the audiences feelings are should be similar and kind of making them see his point of view. This was even more effective after he made them feel compassionate and sad of Caesar’s death so now they kind of see him as a general representation of themselves.

So now with the help of all this rhetorical devices Anthony not only has the people questioning Brutus’s motivation for the murder of Caesar but now he has them siding with him. How you ask again? Well simple, again all he did was use Logos to show them how Caesar contributed to the well being of Rome, Pathos to win an emotional appeal from the people, and use ethos to gain credibility from his audience. With these Rhetorical devices he has turned an understanding crowd to a revenge seeking crowd so it goes to show how beneficial it can be to know how to use these rhetorical devices in any given situation.

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Cover via Amazon

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