Short Essay on The Story, “A Kind of Murder”

A short essay on the short story, "A kind of Murder"

Within “A Kind of Murder” a major theme is the right thing is not always popular, this is developed through Pentecost choosing to defend Mr. Warren, then not doing it again.

            At the beginning Pentecost defended Mr. Warren. He says “If there’s one more sound in this room I’m going after Old Beaver” (Pentecost 43). Pentecost recognized his kindness and respected him after he saved the dog, and because he respected him he chose to tell everyone to be quiet. If he had not, Mr. Warren would not have said to be quiet, this would have caused Mr. Warren to lose his job because he cannot control the class. It is a military school so the boys are tougher and so the teachers have to be. Mr. Warren was not tough; he was just a nice guy.

            Later, Pentecost does not defend Mr. Warren. Pentecost is called out by a few of his friends, “What are you, some kind of do-gooder?” (Pentecost 43). Sammy Callahan said that in response to him helping Mr.  Warren out, this shows the kids do not like when he interferes with their fun. Another told him, “You’re making a mistake” (Pentecost 43), he was referring to defending Mr. Warren. Because of what that kid said, and what Sammy said, Pentecost chose to ignore the yelling the next class. Kids started waving bloody handkerchiefs, burping, and howling like the dog. Pentecost looked away after Mr. Warren looked at him for help (Pentecost 43).

            The right thing to do would have been to defend him again, Pentecost did not, he chose what was popular over what was right.

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