Small Demons : THE Real Bookworm

Don’t let the last page of a good book be the end of its story. Welcome to the Storyverse, a place where all the people, places and things from great books come together.


Books are a very powerful medium. They have the ability to transport one into a completely different world and fill one’s head with immense knowledge. They even offer a simple situation or character to relate too. Most of the time, a good book can be so compelling that it fuels an interest more powerful than the usual. The need to know about a character or place, fictional or real, to know about a particular product or information about a gadget used,  from a piece of music mentioned to a restaurant visited. Imagine having access to all these details in a book. To know how these details connect one story to another. Quoting the super successful advertising campaign by Adidas, ‘impossible is nothing’. Small Demons is a website that cross references every person, place, song, book, film, food, drink and gadget mentioned in a book. It was started in August this year by former Yahoo and Google executive, Valla Valiki. It also offers book reviews. From the famous vodka martini mentioned in the James Bond series to the mention of the Doritos nachos in the twilight series, it’s all right there. After registering on the website, readers can dive deep into any book ever written. Links providing information to places, gadgets, products or food items mentioned make Small Demons one of the most powerful literary search engines. Books can also be purchased through the website.


There are no complications when registering on Small Demons. One can use their email address to create an account on the website itself. If that is not the user’s first preference, the site allows one to sign in through their facebook and/or twitter accounts. Like most sites that require a login, they have features that allow one to change and renew their password if forgotten.


Small Demons allows the readers to add to and subtract from the website by having an active suggestions/feedback forum. This way, the readers can help correct wrong information, or add to the information. Small Demons involves the readers more with features that enable one to share photos of the places and things mentioned in various books. New references can be added by making a new entry or associate an existing entry with a new book, person, place or thing. Every book, place, product and gadget has a small description. The users can help edit these descriptions by making them more current, accurate or detailed. Verification of information and ranking is also possible for all members. The advanced and regular contributors are given awards and badges. These badges help in progressing towards the title of Topic Curator.

This title allows one to contribute in the field that they are most knowledgeable in and have their profile appear on the topics page. The curator can also oversee both the quality of contributions and depth of discussions for their topic.


The website allows the registered members to compile novels, places, reviews, products or gadgets into collections to create their very own storyboard. These can be rearranged and sorted by other members. This can be done simply by logging in through ones facebook account.

There is no shortage of literature on the internet. Sites that buy and sell books and novels. The critical analysis and various reviews of books are available on sites like, and Google is another site that offers access to E-Books, which can be downloaded and read on the computer itself.

Small Demons can be considered a one stop shop with book sales, book reviews and information about the various aspects that interest one in any particular book. So, welcome yourself to the Storyverse. ‘The people, places and things from books, and everywhere they can take you.’

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