Teenage Wasteland

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            In the story, “Teenage Wasteland”, Anne Tyler, the author, describes a rugged connection between Daisy Coble and her ruthless son Donny. Donny, a below average teenager, wants to live his life with no rules and no boundaries, however his mother, Daisy feels that by restraining her son to very little freedom, she could get him to be a much better person. As the story goes on, Anne Tyler, with much detail keeps describing the rocky relationship between Daisy and Donny, until finally at the end Donny runs away not only from his mother, but also his life. Although Anne Tyler does specify many occurrences which seem obvious and don’t seem to change the story much, still if the reader would observe really the background of the story, several specifications point to the plot of the story, Donny wants his freedom, but his mother is getting in his way.

            One clear example is when Donny wants to hang out with his friends, or go to a party, his mother requires him to either call her or tell her what exactly it is that Donny and his friends plan to do. Apparently you could see from here that Donny only wishes to have a little fun and joy in his life but that cant be granted thanks to his tough loving mother who cares about him a little to much. The issue here is that Donny’s prospective is not the same as his moms, Donny, sees it to be that his mom is doing it for herself and not for his sake, while Daisy believes that if she even gives him a little freedom, Donny will capitalize on it and do something crazy.

            Another incident that is shown at the end of the story, is when Daisy takes total control of her sons life and sends him to a school he doesn’t like, and takes away the person that means the most to him. Donny, as a dejected teenager can’t take such a hard hit all at once, and is totally crushed by the blow. Not only now can he not choose the minorities in his life, but also doesn’t even have a say in the things that matter most to him, his school and his friends. This one act alone shows the tight grip that Daisy holds on Donny, and how she grants him no freedom.

            Anne Tyler shows in one more place how restrictive Daisy is on Donny. When Donny gets in trouble in the beginning of the book, Daisy doesn’t try to talk to her son and see what the problem is, instead she starts to speculate what the problem is and why Donny is acting up. This is shown throughout the story, for example when Daisy is trying to figure out where she went wrong, “She is trying to figure out what went wrong, where she made her first mistake.” and it goes on describing what she thinks different possibilities what the problem could be. If instead she would have asked for Donny’s opinion, and actually tried his advice or at least compromise, maybe she could have got to what the problem was.

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  1. JIM
    Posted March 17, 2012 at 11:49 am

    This is poorly written

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