The Best Chapter in The Hobbit

Here is a list of Highlighted Chapters in The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Chapter 1

My favorite character in the book The Hobbit is Gandalf, the wizard, because he is always encouraging on the adventure undertaken in this book.  If it wasn’t for Gandalf, Bilbo, the hobbit, would have not gone on the adventure to get all the gold.  Gandalf always acts respectable when he talks or acts and I admire that.  Gandalf helped Bilbo out with his adventure by placing things where Bilbo would easily find them.  He also watched over Bilbo, acting as his guardian, to keep him safe.

Chapter 3

Chapter three was the worst chapter and most boring because nothing really happened in this chapter.  The only thing that was pretty interesting was the moon stone, but Tolkien, the writer of the book, gave you the information about it slowly.  No action occurred, just talking, sharing stories and information.  The chapter is just a conjoining chapter which helps the reader move on to the next chapter.  It also tells how the characters get to the cave under the hill.

Chapter 9

Chapter nine is the best chapter in the first half of the book because of all the action that happened.  I thought it was smart of Tolkien to have Bilbo figure out something, which was how to open up the door, and show how smart he actually is.  Bilbo proves to everyone that he wants to participate in the adventure and become a hero.  The plan that Bilbo used to get out of jail, by jumping into barrels, was really creative. The best part of the chapter was when Bilbo asked if the dwarfs wanted to go back in prison and think of a better plan other than Bilbo’s.

Chapter 11

The chapter I relate to most is chapter eleven because I personally am sometimes like Bilbo, as in when he figured the door out to enter Smaug’s lair.  I tend to figure things out and fix things I am unfamiliar with.  I get the feeling that I am important when people like these things I do.  Bilbo got thanks for opening up a gate by only using his mind and nothing else.

Chapter 17

Chapter seventeen is the best chapter in the second half of The Hobbit because of all the action that takes place.  Five armies all fight over the Smaug’s treasure and the chapter gives great details.  The characters all share their views about what is right and wrong to do on their quest.  Bilbo throws a good curve in the story by giving the valuable Arkenstone to Bard, the King.  This chapter sets up the story for a nice ending.

Chapter 19

At the end of the book the story was kind of sad because all the characters were separated and all went their own way.  Bilbo was presumed dead and had some of his stuff sold in an auction and never had any other hobbit become friends with him.  Bilbo was probably sad that he was not on his adventure anymore.  The ending was a lot like the ending of the book, The Lord of the Rings.

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