The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas – Character Views

This article tells you about how the characters in "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas" view World War II.

Grandmother’s view on the Nazis and the War is very negative. She says that the Nazis are horrible people and that they are very cruel. She feels so strongly about this that she is very angry at her own son for being one of them. When her daughter-in-law says that she thinks that her husband is handsome in his new uniform, she replies, “Handsome? Handsome, did you say? You foolish girl! Is that all you consider to be of importance in the world? Looking handsome?” She thinks that all they do is dress up in their fancy uniforms and do nothing.

Bruno’s father’s view on the Nazi’s is that they are the good guys and that they are doing all the right things. He is a pompous commandant and all he cares about is his rank and his uniform, not the innocent people he is killing and the senselessness of the whole war. He thinks the he is being patriotic as he tells his mother, “‘Ashamed!’ she call out before she left. ‘That son of mine should be-’ ‘A patriot’ cried Father, who perhaps had never learned the rule about not interrupting your mother.” From this we can tell that he thought he was doing the right thing for his country.

Grandfather’s view on the Nazis and the Wars is very favourable. He feels proud of his son because of his rank, stature and uniform and that his son is doing his patriotic duty. He makes a short speech about how proud he is of his son, “And now look at you. It makes me so proud to see you elevated to such a responsible position. Helping your country reclaim her pride after all the great wrongs that were done to her. The punishments above and beyond-” He thinks that his country deserves to win this war because of “all the great wrongs that were done to her”.

Bruno was very unclear about what was happening. He was told to be proud of his father but he doesn’t know why. All he knows is that he has a fancy uniform and it makes Grandmother very angry with him. “Mother told Bruno to congratulate Father and he had done so, although if he was honest with himself (which he always tried to be) he wasn’t entirely sure what he was congratulating him for.” There wasn’t very much revealed to Bruno but he did know that his Grandmother felt against all this very strongly and I think his opinion is leaning towards his Grandmother’s views rather that his Father’s and Grandfather’s views on the Nazis.

Bruno’s Mother’s view on the Nazis and the War is very neutral. She accepts her Grandmother’s opinion but does not like the way she is talking to her husband. Mother just goes along with her husband and supports him and the family as long as she has a place to live. She tries to support her husband by saying this, “But, Nathalie, don’t you think Ralf looks very handsome in his new uniform?” I think that she doesn’t like the idea of the war but as long as her husband is able to keep his job and support her family, she will just go along with whatever he says.

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