The Giver – Characteriztion of Jonas

A characterization of Jonas in the book "The Giver."


        In the book, The Giver, by Lois Lowry, Jonas is living in Sameness, a place where there are no differences. Here, everyone looks relatively similar and there are no obstacles for the people to overcome. There are no hills, no snow, no pain (maybe a little), and no real difficulties. Strict rules are enforced and a daily schedule is followed by the people. The people in the community are assigned an Assignment when they turn 12 (all of them at the same time). When Jonas turns twelve, he is given the Assignment of Receiver of Memory. “He (shows) all of the qualities that a Receiver must have.”

        Jonas is astonished that he could possibly be chosen to become the new Receiver. As he was the last one to be called on the stage, he was pretty nervous when his number was announced. Jonas is uneasy when the Chief Elder says that he will be alone and apart from others. If I was in the same situation that Jonas was in, I would also feel like he did, nervous and uneasy.

As said by the Chief Elder, Jonas is intelligent, integrous, and courageous. He has had a good schooling, having been in school for many years of his life. “Intelligence,” she said. “We are all aware that Jonas has been a top student throughout his school days. Courage,” she went on. “Only one of us here today has ever undergone the rigorous training required of a Receiver. He, of course, is the most important member of the Committee; the current Receiver. It was he who reminded us, again and again, of the courage required. The fourth essential attribute,” the Chief Elder said, “is wisdom”. Jonas has not yet acquired that. The acquisition of wisdom will come through his training.”

If I was in Jonas’ position during this time, I would also be nervous and uneasy. It would be difficult to comprehend all the duties that he would have to accomplish. Just like Jonas, I would also be excited to learn all the old memories, including the different colors. If I had lived in a world of Sameness, anything new would be interesting to me.

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