The Importance of Reading

Reading is today considered as an important tool in society whatever may the field be.

Reading is a plus for the student as well as for the old people.  The government has given its population newspapers, magazines, books…so as to possess educated intelligent inhabitants for the welfare of the country.  Hence, the importance of reading has increased and now in fact, for everybody, at every stage of life the skill of reading is a must.  There are various reasons which support this reality.

At the very start of life – before birth – reading is a necessary factor for babies.  Growing in the womb of the mother; as a part of her, the baby absorbs and starts learning there itself.  If then, that is, during her pregnancy, a mother reads everyday, the child will also learn.  Thus later the child will be a brilliant student.  If instead the mother was just watching television, this could make the child a slow pupil or even mentally retarded.  Thus, reading develops the brain of a baby and this increases greatly the child’s IQ.

As the baby grows into a child of five or six years old, continuous reading will give him more creativeness and imagination. This aspect of reading is mostly exploited by storywriters; artists such as painters, actors, poets, designers whether in architecture or in fashion.  Therefore, reading also plays a part in the determination of a person’s career.

Reading is especially essential for students.  Through reading, pupils improve their vocabulary and upgrade their way of talking as well as their style of writing.  The teenagers learn all the time by reading new, interesting books which for example give them several good ideas for any type of essays.  Reading indeed is a helping hand in education mainly in English.

Nowadays, the adults do not have time to spare; all the time goes in working, doing household tasks and looking after children.  They are so busy that they do not watch the news on TV.  As a result, they tend to forget the outside world, the society and enclose themselves in their homes.  Then, after some time, the adults find themselves unable to participate properly in conversations.  Since they are not aware of what is happening around, they end up alone.  Reading can help them overcome this ignorance.  For instance, during breakfast or in the bus one can take a newspaper and at the same time, eat.  In this way, time is not wasted and the unpleasant feeling of being always in dreamland will disappear as well.


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Not only for adults that reading is necessary but for elderly people also.  For instance, if ever an old man cannot read and so is not aware of the new changes in law, he can easily be fooled by even his relative.  Therefore, so as not to lag behind and for one’s own security, one must know how to read especially the old people.

Last but not least reading is also a form of relaxation.  This is why reading is a world-wide pastime.  When it is raining and the children cannot play outdoors, many prefer reading to playing computer games because the latter cause headache quickly and nothing good is acquired.  Adults are seen with newspapers, magazines or Reader’s Digest, through which they get peace of mind.

Someone has truly said that reading is really important. 

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    it was a gooo d answer ……………… helped me from a beat by my school teacher as she told me to write it<<<<<<<<<hahha

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