To Kill a Mockingbird Characteristics Essay

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To Kill a Mockingbird – Characteristics Essay

        As the book progresses Jem and Scout, begin to understand life and true morals. This is evident as they learn the truth behind benevolence and courage. Most people have abandoned these qualities but their father hasn’t. They realize that to become mature people who are able to hold their heads high they must bring these lost qualities forward. This in turn also allows them to understand Atticus’ stand with Tom Robinson and why he has to defend him.

In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird Scout matures a lot. Especially in the area of benevolence. At the start of the novel Scout didn’t understand what kindness and true benevolence were, this was evident when the Finch’s had Walter Cunningham over for dinner and when Walter put a lot of molasses all over his dinner Scout made fun of him. “He would probably have poured it into his milk glass had I not asked what the sam hill he was doing.” As the book progresses Scout matures slowly but consistently. Part way through the book when Dill arrives for summer. The two boys and Scout didn’t want to play any of the games they usually play, so Bill created a new games called Boo Radley. Scout realized that this was wrong and so she refused to play. “Jem said, ‘Scout, you can be Mrs. Radley-’

‘I declare if I will. I don’t think-” This quote shows that Scout doesn’t feel comfortable playing the Boo Radley game. The next sentence shows that she thinks that playing this game is disrespectful and unkind towards Boo Radley. “‘Smatter?’ said Dill. ‘Still Scared?’

‘He can get out at night when were all asleep…” Scout hasn’t quite matured enough to see past the consequences towards herself of playing the game, but she is starting to grasp the overall concept. As the book starts nearing its end Scout seems to have come  a long way since the start where she was beating children up. This was only over the span of a few summers too. There was a lot that happened during this time that accelerated Scout and Jem’s maturing process.

In this novel Jem matures in a different area, although he does make the strides in benevolence it is more noticeable and dramatic in his advancement of courage. At the start of the novel Jem had the courage of most children, the most basic and cliche form of courage. The first time Dill came to Maycomb and met the Finch kids, Jem got dared into going and touching the Radley house. Jem at first said he wouldn’t because of hat he has heard. In only a few moments though he ends up on the Radley lot, so he runs up the stairs of the house and touches it. Jem does start to mature though, and it is quite evident in the change of his overall personality. Near the start Jem loved getting into mischief, but as the book progressed he started to become a lot like Atticus. Jem starts to argue and get mad at Scout about the different wrong things she does, and that he himself used to make. Near the end of the book Jem had become quite courageous. Jem stepped in and saved Scout from being killed by Bob Ewell. Whereas near the start of the book he may have just ran without thinking, and having it be too late. The unusual things  that had happened in Maycomb for the past 3-4 summers, caused Jem to have to do things that most children wouldn’t have to. This made Jem’s courage grow a lot.

To Kill a Mockingbird was a novel that spanned almost 4 summers. During this time the Finch family was put to the test. In many cases Atticus was trying to keep Scout and Jem out of the issues surrounding the case with Tom Robinson. Inevitably they did, and ended up helping out a bunch. This in turn matured both of them, Scout in the area of benevolence and Jem in the area of courage.

By: Matthew Maharaj

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