What is Literature?

What is Literature?


Literature refers to the spoken, written words that describe anything. The word may also be used within a different context to mean symbolic records including things like sculptures and images as well as letters. In a different perspective the word may also be used to refer to letters only as well as other forms of writings that are symbolic such as the Egyptian hieroglyphs. The term may also describe other complex and technical scientific works. However the term is commonly used to refer to works that have been made through a person’s imagination. These include works of poetry, paintings, nonfiction and fiction. The works of literature are done as a trade for their authors or hobby activities.

A brief history

The works of literature have been celebrated from the early days and still remain popular with collectors holding some of the most valuable works of old. In the present day, these works remain a favorite of many people with competitions and displays of the works being done. Literature is also used to tell the history and lifestyles of certain people and cultures. The works are also exchanged all over the world with some pieces of literature gaining popularity all over the world. Literature is therefore a celebrated part of people as well as an educational tool for the generations that come later.

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