Which Book is Gonna be The Next Big Hit?

Harry Potter is over and the latest series, The Hunger Games, have release the entire trilogy.

 In the market of books, there are some of which are destinated to be best sellers. Fewer, if none, are going to make a hit. They pass a process of recognition and people began accepting books they like most. The ones that get more fame are the rapidly recomending ones, leaving them to be a hot topic in the market, thus selling more copies. That doesn’t mean they are the most important or the most readed. It only meaned that are famous and fame leave to selling more.

 Harry Potter, a book meant to childrens, is an example of this minority. J.K. Rowling, I guess, wasn’t expecting this kind of popularity. She wrote the series and at the beggining it started to gain fame. It became so popular that it broke the children genre and get into adults and independent readers as well. It became a phenomenon. Remember those bunch of people waiting in line, costumized with iniforms, wands, coaths, hats, toy frogs and other alusive articles to the series? Or the children waiting in their houses an invitation to Howards. Harry Potter achieve a big number of fans, thus became a big hit instanly.

 Other books that reach a quarter part of popularity are Twilight and The Hunger Games, not to count the big hit of The Lord Of The Rings because was not instantly.

 Twilight became a bestseller for youth-girls specially. A bulk of teenage girls were crazy for Meyer’s series. In that moment, surely, was a hit. Every fan wanted the existance of werewolves and vampires.

 The most recent super hit book is Susane Collins’ The Hunger Games. She wrote the first book inspired just by watching television. She started to change channels until some content in there flash her head and scribble down the series. The book rapidly full up of fans loving Katniss Everdeen and her anarchy with The Capitol that obligerated children to fight until death. The Hunger Games is an example that super hit books still catching up.

 So now that these super hit books are over, which is going to be the next super hit? A science fiction, a fantasy, a romance, action, horror or mystery?

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