Batman Incorporated #6: Nyktomorph Review

Batman is an Internet troll. Who’d thought?

Batman Incorporated was made out to be at first a series of Batman adventures around the globe. But Morrison has slowly revealed an even bigger scope to Batman’s mission, one that will have major lasting consequences leading to this issue’s story, Nyktomorph written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Chris Burnham, where we finally see the true scope of Batman’s vision of Batman Incorporated.

It’s straight-forward story for a Grant Morrison comic, but it’s quirky in its own right. It’s basically a series of vignettes of Batman and co. fighting crime across the globe and looking for clues about who or what Leviathan is.

It’s one of those comics that nearly every single sequence is awesome to read, even if it flies by quickly thanks to scenes frequently cutting from panel to panel. The whole issue is there to portray the “Incorporated” concept to its full potential, with Batman adding many new members and they are all hard at work by the next time you see them. It’s nice to see Batman bringing people into the loop for once before a threat shows up, though the reader doesn’t learn what Batman Incorporated are up to or what they know about Leviathan. It also further demonstrates the logistics of Batman Incorporated, with Bruce Wayne out in the open prominently and publicly supporting the venture, and having Bat-Bots like the ones out of Kingdom Come back him up.

Another cool thing about this issue is that fact it shows Batman at his best: A badass that displays laser-like focus on the mission at hand. Well, that, and the fact we see Bruce Wayne troll an internet message board about Batman. It both has a clever in-universe reason, and is funny to read, if just for the surreal idea of Batman being an Internet troll.

Leviathan adds to its creepy nature in a scene where Batman and Nightrunner stops a delivery of kidnapped children, only to discover that they have already been indoctrinated into becoming violent killers for Leviathan. Honestly, looking at the reveal panel, it’s now-right creepy and I love it. It also shows off Leviathan’s global scale and reach, as in one scene, it looks like Doctor Dedalus and the leader of Leviathan have the planet already in their possession.

Chris Burnham continues to show off his Frank Quietly side in his art in both his figures and his great sense of kinetic motion. Sure, it’s not the most beautiful of art, but I love it for the above reasons.

Overall, this is a great issue of Batman Incorporated. It feels like a plan is coming together and something big is coming while answering some rather urgent questions about just how the whole Batman Incorporated thing in-universe. That and it’s a hell of a lot of fun to read. Think of this review as me telling you its highly recommended.

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