Book Review: Full House

A novella by Maeve Binchy.

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I purchased this book as part of a fundraising effort, and being a novella it was a quick and inexpensive read. I also love Maeve Binchy.

Full House is the story of a couple whose grown children live at home. None of the children contribute to the household financially or physically. When the head of the household, Liam Nolan, loses his job, his wife Dee, who also works tirelessly to bring income to the home, decides changes need to be made. She is very aware their children don’t contribute, but Liam is insistent that it is “their home”. But Dee takes drastic measures forcing the children to realize how cushy they had it at home, and also that all their friends had to pay their parents to live at home once they became adults.

This is a must read for parents of children who are approaching that age when they should either be out on their own or contributing to the household, like me. My husband says once they turn 18 they should be out on their own. That’s the way it went in his family but he also came from of a family of 8 children living in a 3 bedroom house. I paid to live at my parents’ home but I have to admit I may have still had it a little cushy. Today’s economy and job market make it more difficult for children to leave the nest at 18, but they should be able to contribute to the family home with finances and helping out with chores.

Parents, you have to read this book. Teenagers, you should too. If only it were easy to get your children to read the books you wan them too. Ha, if only I could get my husband to read a book!

Full House is 116 pages of fairly large sized print paperback. It only took a couple of hours to read. It was well worth it. This was one of Maeve Binchy’s last works before she past away in 2012. It’s wonderful that she left us with some wonderful words of wisdom.

I took this image myself (Maeve Binchy) at a book signing in Dublin city. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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