Cloudreaders, a Good Application to Read Comics in iPad

The tablets are a good solution for those who want to always carry his comics over. You lose the magic of paper and shelf, but you gain space and comfort.

Surely you’ve found an extra suitcase filled almost comic to read on your holidays or if you are someone who uses public transport, bear more than a comic book in your backpack.

After using a device based on Android operating system to read comics in digital format, it was clear that the next step was to use applications based on the Apple operating system. One is Cloudreaders. Besides being free, something we can not ignore the time value it has several points in its favor.

The first thing that draws attention, in comparison with other applications like those found in systems with Android, is the ease of use, we can upload the files formats CBR / CBZ / PDF via iTunes or wifi (must be done through a specific url to be entered in the browser). But best is that you can download them directly from the Internet and he will recognize them. Although, for safety, we advise them after passing a virus on your computer.

Like all other applications to read comics, we have options like manual or automatic step, reading from left to right or vice versa, zoom … nothing new.

If anything can be improved is the menu you choose which comics to read. All appear in a list can be endless. It is true that you can add tags so that the search is restricted, but it is very difficult to have them sorted as can be done with other applications.

In short, a good application that will give good use to your iPad

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