Comic Book to Film 1: Catwoman

Film adaptations of beloved and revered comic book heroines and villains will have their fair share of criticism and applause. Anne Hathaway has just been cast as the next Catwoman in the Batman: Dark Knight movies.

Film adaptations of beloved and revered comic book heroines and villains will have their fair share of criticism and applause.  This article is just for fun and will try show the the options, the choice and the original comic book character.

We will begin with the Selina Kyle A.K.A Catwoman.  The character came from DC Comics, more particularly the Batman series.  Through several comic variation and film adaptations, Catwoman has turned from Villain to Heroine and back again.  

The comic book image of the Catwoman

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The first adaptation came form the Batman TV series by Julie Newman made Catwoman popular as Ms. Newman fit the role well.

Julie Newman as Catwoman

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Julie Newman’s Catwoman was a good fit, but it was Michelle Pfeiffer’s characterization of the comic book villain in the first Batman movies which took Catwoman to a different level and become a household name.

Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman

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Because of the popularity of the Catwoman due to the Michelle Pfeiffer adaptation, DC’s bright boys made the mistake of making a Catwoman movie.  And it was perplexing that they chose Halle Berry for the role.  I love Halle Berry and I believe she is one of the most beautiful woman of her time, but she is not a right fit for the Catwoman role, more so, in a story revolving around the character.

Halle Berry as Catwoman

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The popularity of the Catwoman character has moved from comics to film to toys to figurines!  Yes their are Catwoman figurines!

Catwoman Figurine” target=”_blank”>Photo Reference

There were speculations that Rachel Weizs would be Catwoman in the Batman: Dark Knight series.  And he would have been lovely for the role.

Rachel Weisz in a Latex Rubber Cat Suit

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It would have been a good choice but Warner Brother’s have already disclosed that the role of Catwoman in the Dark Knight Series would be played by Anne Hathaway.  

Anne Hathaway 

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It seems like a good fit, but until we see Hathaway in a Latex Rubber Cat Suit we could only hope for the best for the Catwoman character.

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