HOW to Make Money From Cartoons in Africa

This article dicusses ways of making money from cartoons if you are a cartoonist living in Africa.


  Cartoonists in Africa are faced with many challanges.It is hard to make money from cartoons in

Africa. This is perhaps because cartoons originated from the west and so many view cartoons

from Africa as inferior. For example, an editor of a magazine or newspaper would rather buy a comic

strip from overseas than from a local cartoonist.

   Be that as it may, it is still possible to make money from cartoons in Africa. Below are a few practical

ways that one can follow to make some from cartoons.


1. Make greeting cards with your cartoons on them. You can easily sell these hand made cards in shops

   and art markets provided the quality is good.


2. Make comic strips and sell them to newspapers or magazines. It  is not easy to do this but it is possible.

   I once sold a comic strip to a local newspaper a couple of years ago. You need to be persistent. Send samples of your comic strips to as many publications as you can. You may just manage to sell your strip to one of them.

   The truth is many publications are created every day. Any most publications need cartoons to be “complete”.


3. Make comic books. Draw cartoons and make a book. Many people love comic books. Comic books produced

   in Africa are rare and you are likely to make a lot of money selling your comic book. You can have a page on face book and fans of your comic strip can easily buy your comic books


4. Venture into animation. Animation is a multi- million dollar business. And cartooning is the lifeblood of  the animation industry.

  The market cannot get enough of animated works. As a cartoonist, it is easy for you to venture into animation. You will need to

   learn a few tricks about the trade but that is no rocket science. You can acquire animation software’s, master them and make your films.


5.Make cartoon branded products such as T-shirts and mugs. You will need to invest a bit of monies to make this work

   but again its no rocket science. It can be done.





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