I Will Take Comics for $1,000, Alex! Check Out This Cool Trivia Question for July 2, 2011!

Comics have entertained people for many years, but can you correctly answer this challenging trivia question?

Which is the most top-selling comic book of all times, with more than 8 million sold copies?

a) Superman

b) He-Man

c) She-Ra

d) Little Lulu

e) Iceman

f) Archie



What is X-Men, Alex?  You are correct and have won $1,000!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Source: Uncle John’s Book of Facts


Who does not like comic books?  I remember reading Superman and Archie comics growing up and they have provided me with hours of entertainment.  Comic books are a commodity; there are some rare comics that have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars and I have heard of a Superman comic selling for more than $1 million dollars! YIKES!

Comic books are filled with action and excitement; there are many comic stores in the United States in which you can browse for your favorite heroes.  E-bay has a lot of comic book auctions for good prices; some are in excellent condition and can command high prices over the years.

Comic books are not just for children, there are many adults who have a fascination with comic books as well.  The colors and actions conveyed in the words are very appealing to its readers; there are heroes as well as villains.

Are you an avid collector of comic books?  What are your best memories of comics?  Who is your comic book hero?  Which comic villian do you hate? 

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