The Effect of Pretentious People

Why we “hate” them.

I specifically have a animosity towards pretentious people.  They bring out the worst in me.  I have to exert super human power to avoid response.   As you have probably learned, the least in the room are the most pretentious.  Those who live by inhereited money, those who once held some position no one even recalls, portray a comic book snob.

What we must do is ignore them.  Not to do the tit for tat so where they brag about X you brag about Y. 

Ignoring pretentious people, not hearing not seeing is the best response.   Tending to side with those they have scorned is another way to ’slap them in the face’ .   You will notice that the less attention you give them, the more they will strive to be in your face.  The more they will fight for attention.   Take this a proof you have ‘won’.

Often an ill mannered boor will step in front of you so that you say, “Good Morning’ and he doesn’t answer.  Laughing when he does not respond; well you have the right, as you knew he wasn’t going to respond, is another way to cut them down to size.

Avoidance is the first choice, but many times this is not possible.

The true tragedy is that when a room has over it’s limit of prententious people others cease to enter.  A club, even a relgious organization, will suffer serious declines in attendance when they are in spate.

However, using them for comic relief is a way to enjoy the encounters.

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  1. Posted October 20, 2012 at 8:16 pm

    You must do what’s best for you and if ignoring individuals is that than do that.

  2. Posted October 21, 2012 at 7:42 pm

    Anyone who generally brings out the worst in us must be avoided.

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