THE Power of Five-fifth Book

As you all know Anthony Horowitz has written some very good series, one of them is The Power Of Five. All four of them came out at same time, but the final fifth one is still in the making so I’m here to inform you about the Horowitz’s latest novel.

First of all if you haven’t read The Power Of Five series by Anthony Horowitz then you must read them, all four of them is a real page turner, it grips your attention from the first sentence! You just can’t put the book down, I’ve been reading until 11:30pm and only just realized the time when my mum came in.

Heres a bit about each book:

1. Ravens Gate

14 year old Matthew Freeman gets into trouble for murder he didn’t convict he gets sent to be fostered in Yorkshire. It’s not long before he senses somethings doesn’t quite add up. First nobody’s talking to him and anybody who does dies shortly after. Matthew finally learns that the Old Ones are wakening to take over the world that they failed take a millennia ago. Theres no proof, no help, and certainly no escape.

2. Evil Star

After destroying the first Gate that the Old Ones are using to get out a second is discovered, Matthew races to Peru, there he meets the second of the five, together they try to destroy the seconds gate but failed.

3. Night Rise

On the other side of the world the the 3rd and 4th of the five are twins preforming in a makeshift circus, soon tragic hit. The Old Ones stole one of the twins and converts him to fight against the five, when he returns he’s totally changed (beyond repair).

4. Necropolis

The four members of the five have joined together, one still remains, trapped the city of Hong Kong, destroyed by the Old Ones. The four split up in attempt in a suicidal mission to rescue the last member Scarlett Adams, to that they must enter the city of the dead.

Now that you know a bit about the series it’s time to tell you about the fifth and last installment of the series. Anthony Horowitz has revealed that the last book is going to be 200,000 pages long, we don’t know if he’s joking or not but he said it could take 50 years to write! Horowitz also said that the books going to start with each of the five in different countries again, and it’s also stated that the book’s divided into five parts; Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Ice. Considering each for a different character, as Jamie has a sword called frost so he is said to be ice if you read the the 3rd book, Scarlett is water as she can control the weather book 4, Matthew air as his telekinetic power in all four books, and Pedro as fire as his name in the past Inti meaning sun, and Scott is Earth for no obvious reasons. Horowitz also hinted that one of the five will die and one will betray the others, considerably Scott as he got converted and the damage is too deep to heal, it is also thought that Scott will die maybe to save his brother Scott.

Thats all I know hope you enjoy the series! (I’ve been writing short stories of my own about a spy organization WFIB).

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  1. Posted September 7, 2012 at 3:38 am

    omg!!!!!! it was realy gooooooood.thanks . i cant wait till the next novel comes out. bye and thank u again for ur information.

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