Thor: Son of Asgard Review

Mighty Thor and his wife Sif reach Asgard (realm of the gods) to find it under attack by trolls and dark elves. Thor set out to find the cause and stop the invasion.

Mighty Thor and his wife Sif reach Asgard (realm of the gods) to find it under attack by trolls and dark elves. Thor set out to find the cause and stop the invasion. Based on the comic book series from Marvel, Thor: Son of Asgard is an action / adventure where you take control of Thor and fight your way through hordes of enemies to find who is responsible for bringing the war on Asgard.

For an iOS title, Thor: Son of Asgard has beautiful pictures, well detailed and crisp characters and levels are colorful and varied, though not always clear where it ends the play area. Sometimes the camera angles to show sweeping around the scenery which can be a nice touch. The sound is also good quality, sound effects and voices are well suited to the action and the characters they portray, the music suits the atmosphere of the game well.

Unfortunately, the game is not up to the quality of the images, iv never been a fan of virtual joypads, are unreliable and the buttons are easy to lose, perhaps Apple should consider building an established player button its next iPad design. Moving is not an issue in this title, but the combat feels very awkward, the Thor battle commands are not as sensitive as their movements.

When funds are varied, unfortunately the game is not an option for very little exploration, the story is very linear, which is not a bad thing in this case, as it plays a bit like a comic without But the heavy focus on the battle that is going down, not only clumsy and insensitive struggle, is repetitive and unvaried, there are only a few types of enemies and levels are targeted to areas that should be removed before moving cleaning to wave after wave of enemies in the same fashion. Interrupted occasionally by conversation.

There are some good comic book as moving scenes and occasionally you will meet other characters from the comics that fits the idea I think they were looking for. There is virtually no character advancement, Thor begins the game with all your available moves, it’s a pretty short list and there is little in the way of the collection, only the occasional increase your health bar and extras like comic book covers for fans of the comic series.

Thor: Son of Asgard has the feel of a title rushed, mediocre and repetitive gameplay is totally contrary to the amazing graphics that kind of gives you the feeling of a half-finished project. With some additions and adjustments that could have been a very nice game, but as it stands now only average. The only real motivation to play through is to follow the story and will only take a few hours to play through. The application has a tendency to fail also sometimes forces you to play through entire areas again, hopefully some of these problems can be addressed in future updates. I am writing Thor: Son of Asgard 2.5 stars with half star bonus because I’m a big fan of Thor.

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