Most Interesting Character of The History of Classics

Mercutio, of romeo and juliet, is the most interesting character?>

The classical story of two-lovers, Romeo and Juliet, has many diverse and interesting characters within.  But who is the most interesting of all of them?  Mercutio is the most interesting character in the play for many reasons.  Mercutio is a caring and loyal friend of Romeo’s, one who is neither Capulet nor Montague.  He has mood swings and out-of-the-blue actions make him hard to predict.  Mercutio plays a significant role in the play because he is the one who causes Romeo’s banishment from Verona, he was the one who brought humor to the story, he is the one who helps convince Romeo to the go to Capulet party, where Romeo met Juliet.    Mercutio’s humorous and long soliloquies (and monologues, including the “Queen Mab”), his sarcastic dialogue, and his important actions are vital to the play.  Mercutio’s death is one of the greatest impacts of the story.  As Mercutio’s final minute came, he yells, “A plague o’ both your houses!”  This foreshadows the death of Romeo and Juliet.  I think that Mercutio is one of, if not the most interesting characters in the infamous and influential play, “Romeo and Juliet,” for his importance, humor, and quirkiness.

            One of the main reasons why Mercutio is the most interesting character in the play is because of how  he injects humor to the story.  This is important because it gives readers something to laugh about and enjoy in the play.  He uses a lot of word play and puns.  If there was no humor, then the whole play would probably not have been as satisfying as it is now.  One of his funniest moments is when he sarcastically answers Romeo about dreams: “I dreamt a dream,” says Romeo (A1.S4.L50).  Then Mercutio replies with a pun and a very long, but humorous soliloquy:

“And so did I… That dreamers often lie… O, I see Queen Mab hath been with you. She is the fairies’ midwife, and she comes in shape no bigger than an agate stone…” (A1.S4.L48,L53-57). 

Mercutio enjoys using his wits and sarcasm.  One smart-aleck remark from Mercutio would be when Tybalt begins to fight Mercutio:  “Tybalt: What would you have with me?  Mercutio: Good King of Cats, only one of your nine lives!”  (A3.S1.L71-72)  As you can see, Mercutio is known for his sarcasm, humor, puns, wordplays, and long speeches.  Even before when Tybalt kills Mercutio in the fight, Mercutio even says one last pun before he dies: “Ask for me tomorrow, and you shall find me a grave man” (A3.S1.L91-92).  All these comedic and sarcastic jokes makes Mercutio one of the most interesting characters in the play.

            To go along with his humor, Mercutio’s unexpectedness makes him even more interesting.  His varying “mood-coaster” makes him unpredictable, (hence his name, Mercutio, which is very similar to the word mercurial).  Mercurial means “witty and likely to do something unexpected.”  This definition perfectly matches his personality.  For example, when he finishes giving his sarcastic and humorous Queen Mab monologue, he suddenly stopped telling jokes and became very serious out of nowhere (After Queen Mab monologue, talking to Romeo) : “True, I talk of dreams, which are the children of an idle brain, begot of nothing but vain fantasy…” (A1.S4.95-97) See how he acted sarcastic to Romeo with the Queen Mab speech, and then all of the sudden he talks seriously about dreams.  Another example of Mercutio being unpredictably erratic and unique is when, before his own death, he jokes around, and then suddenly became mad at the Capulets and Montagues, cursing them, and then he jokes about his death again.  This shows how he can become serious and angry one second, and the next, he is sarcastic, and then quickly after that, he quickly changes to being stern then back again to being a jokester, which is what he does throughout the whole story (again, remember his name is similar to “mercurial”).  This personality makes Mercutio the most interesting character in the play.

            Mercutio may have been a jokester a lot during the play, however, he was still very important to the play.  If it wasn’t for the witty yet loyal Mercutio, Romeo may have not visited the Capulet ball masquerade party.  Romeo was depressed over another girl named Rosaline, and so Mercutio tried to help Romeo get over Rosaline by taking him to the ball party.  And if Romeo hadn’t gone, then he wouldn’t have met Juliet.  Mercutio nudges Romeo to go to the masquerade party, “Nay, Romeo, we must have you dance” (A1.S4.13).  Without these kinds of important actions, the story would not be what it is now.  Mercutio’s brave and loyal, yet unpredictable and witty actions makes him an important and interesting part of the play. 

So why is Mercutio the most interesting character in the play?  Mercutio is the most interesting character in the play because of he is sarcastic, humorous, important, erratic, and witty.  He added a comedic and lively tone to the play.  The plot would not be what it is now without Mercutio’s significant contributions to it.  His fight with Tybalt created suspense, and his death created some surprise, and his curse, “A plague o’ both your houses,” caused the death of Romeo and Juliet.  But even Romeo would not have met Juliet if it wasn’t for Mercutio nudging and convincing Romeo to go to the masquerade party. Mercutio is important, mercurial, witty, loyal and humorous, and that is why he, Mercutio, is the most interesting character in the classic story, “Romeo and Juliet.”

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  1. SA
    Posted October 5, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    Mercutio is the best of the best :)

  2. SA
    Posted October 5, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    Mercutio is the best of the best :)

  3. Posted April 15, 2011 at 5:17 pm

    Great article, very interesting.
    Please have a look at my article on Mercutio about the Queen Mab speech. I’d love to have some comments.
    Thank you.

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