Phantom of The Opera – Book Report

I wrote a book report for English on the Phantom of the Opera book by Gaston Leroux. ENJOY!!!!!

The Phantom of the Opera is a romantic thriller written by Gaston Leroux. It tells the story of the Opera Ghost’s deep passion and obsession for the rising opera star, Christine Daae. This novel takes place in the late 1800s in Paris, France.

The characters in this heart-snatching novel are:

Erik, the disfigured and talented musician who lives in the catacombs of the opera house and is in love with Christine Daae. He poses as the Opera Ghost and as Christine’s Angel of Music.

Christine, the talented opera singer who is taught by the Angel of Music (who is actually Erik). She is in love with Raoul and has to make the difficult decision of spending the rest of her life with him or Erik.

Raoul, Christine’s childhood friend who is in love with Christine and tries to help her escape from the hands of Erik.

Erik teaches Christine to become a marvelous singer, hoping Christine will fall in love with him. Raoul, who hears Christine sing, remembers her from their childhood memories and instantly falls in love with her. Christine is secretly in love with Raoul, but she fears that if she marries Raoul, she will never hear the Angel of Music’s voice again. Raoul tries to convince her to leave, telling her that they can runaway from the Angel and live without any worries. Christine finally gives in to Raoul, but wishes to sing one last time for her Angel. Christine does sing, but is kidnapped by Erik (who is also the Angel of Music) and is taken down to his lair. Raoul chases after Christine with a Persian, who is a man of Erik’s past. Unfortunately, Raoul and the Persian are trapped in Erik’s torture room. Meanwhile, Erik tries to persuade Christine to marry him. He gives her two options: The grasshopper or the scorpion? If she picks the scorpion, then she agrees to marry Erik. If she chooses the grasshopper, she refuses him and he destroys the opera house. Christine still refuses, but has found out that Raoul and the Persian are trapped. Christine suddenly changes her mind and agrees to marry Erik. She kisses him and Erik is overwhelmed by his emotion. He tells Christine he has never been kissed before, not even by his parents. He lets Raoul go and tells her to marry him. Christine and Raoul leave the catacombs, both happy that the other is fine and healthy. About three weeks later, news is received that Erik has died.

I rate this novel as a definite five. The novel is very descriptive, full of suspense, and just makes the reader want to drown in their own tears. I have to admit that I did cry a little when Erik let Christine go to be with Raoul. I recommend this book to anyone who loves romantic novels, suspenseful novels, and for anyone who is a huge Phantom of the Opera fan. This novel is nothing like the film, but is still pretty amazing.

This novel was most likely written to entertain readers, even though Gaston Leroux claims that the Opera Ghost did exist. It was also probably written to inform the readers about the story of the Opera Ghost.

In conclusion, this is a marvelous novel written by a talented man. When you add those two together, you get a world full of imagination and a mind open to anything.

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