The Great Gatsby – Chapter Seven Overview and Analysis

Concerned about his love for Daisy, Gatsby withdraw his party, which was first and foremost means to lure Daisy. He also fires his servants to prevent gossip and replace them with people marred Wolfshiem Meyer.


Concerned about his love for Daisy, Gatsby withdraw his party, which was first and foremost means to lure Daisy. He also fires his servants to prevent gossip and replace them with people marred Wolfshiem Meyer.

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On the hottest day in summer, Nick drives to the east in the afternoon eggs in the house of Tom and Daisy. Finds Gatsby and Jordan Baker there as well. When the nurse brings baby girl Daisy, Gatsby is overwhelmed and find it hard to believe that the child is real. For her part, Daisy seems almost interested her child. During the afternoon uncomfortable, Gatsby and Daisy can not hide their love for one another. To complain about the boredom, Daisy asks Gatsby if he wants to go to town. Gatsby looks at it passionately, and Tom, some of their feelings for each other.

Itching for confrontation, Tom seizes the proposal Daisy, they should all go to New York together. Nick goes with Tom Jordan and Gatsby in a car, and Gatsby and Daisy ride in a car together, Tom. Stop the gas in the garage Wilson, Nick, Tom and Jordan learn that Wilson discovered his wife is unfaithful, though not the identity of her lover and her plans to move to the West. The sad eyes of Dr. TJ Eckleburg, Nick realizes that Tom and Wilson are in the same position.

In precarious heat New York City, the group decided to take a suite at the Plaza. Tom begins his planned confrontation with those that poke fun at Gatsby’s habit of occupation people “old sport.” He accuses Gatsby lying on completion of Oxford. Gatsby responds that he did attend Oxford for five months in the army after the war program. Tom asks Gatsby about his intentions for Daisy and Gatsby replies that Daisy loves him, Tom. Tom says that he and Daisy have a history that Gatsby could not understand.He then accuses Gatsby run smuggling operation. Daisy, Gatsby is in love earlier in the afternoon, they feel closer and closer to Tom, when they see the dispute. Realizing that he has defeated Gatsby, Tom sends Daisy back to Long Island with Gatsby to prove Gatsby inability to hurt him. How calm the bottom line, Nick realizes that it is his thirtieth birthday.

On the way back to Long Island, Nick, Tom and Jordan discover the terrifying scene at the edge of the valley of ashes. Someone was fatally struck by car. Michaelis, a Greek man who runs a restaurant next to the garage Wilson, tells them that he was the victim of Myrtle-car from New York, he hit her, paused and then hurried away. Nick realizes that Myrtle must be struck by Gatsby and Daisy drive from the city in The Great Gatsby is a yellow car. Tom thinks that Wilson will remember the yellow car from this afternoon. It also assumes that Gatsby was the driver.

Back in the house, Nick waits outside and found Gatsby hiding in the bushes. Gatsby says that waiting to make sure that it does not hurt Tom Daisy. Says Nick Daisy to drive a car when he struck Myrtle, but that he will take the blame. Still concerned about Daisy, Gatsby sends Nick to check it. Nick finds Tom and Daisy eating cold fried chicken and talking. They have a reconciliation of their differences, and Nick leaves Gatsby solitude in the moonlight.


Chapter 7 brings the conflict between Tom and Gatsby to open and they confront the Daisy brings to the surface of the problematic aspects of both characters. Throughout the previous chapters, the Council meeting on crime is Gatsby. Research in this matter confirms the suspicion, and he controls his knowledge of illegal activity before Gatsby was all to be ashamed. Similarly, Tom’s sexism and hypocrisy, clearer and disruptive during the meeting. It has no moral compunction of his extramarital affairs, but in the face of his wife is unfaithful, he took over as outraged victims.

The importance of time and history is reflected in the confrontation between Gatsby and Tom. Gatsby blissful obsession with recovering the past compels him to Daisy tell Tom that she never loved him. Gatsby needs to know that she always loved him, he was always loyal to him emotionally. Similarly, he asked Daisy, Tom invokes their intimate personal history reminds him that he has feelings for him, by controlling the past, Tom Gatsby removes vision of the future. Tom, who feels so safe that Daisy sent back to the east Eggs with Nick Gatsby confirms the observation that Gatsby’s dream is dead.

Gatsby decided to take the blame for Daisy demonstrates a deep love still feels to her, and illustrates the essential nobility, which determines its character. Notwithstanding the almost whimsical lack of interest in him, Gatsby is sacrificed for Daisy. Picture pitiable Gatsby watches at her house while she and Tom sit comfortably, is an indelible image that allows the reader to look around Gatsby crime and acts as a metaphor for moving to feel the love Gatsby for Daisy. Nick goodbye to Gatsby at the end of this chapter shall be compensated for his first observation of Gatsby at the end of Chapter 1 In both cases, Gatsby stands alone in the moonlight long after Daisy. In the earlier case that stretches hand toward the green light through the water, the future optimistically.In this case gave the green light on Daisy’s house lawn, but his dream is gone.

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