Antigone Connections to Today

How the book Antigone relates to today.


Antigone Connections to Today

            The truth is that Antigone is a relevant tragedy. In this Greek tragedy, there is a family disagreement about burring a family member in Thebes. Polyneices’ body was not allowed to be buried due to Creons decree. Antigone goes against the decree made and buries her brother’s body because she knows that she will be rewarded in her after life. There are some things that can be related to present day that are found in this Greek tragedy. Pride and stubbornness can be found today in modern day circumstances. Prodigies are still found today, as they were back then. The respect of the dead is a serious matter that applies now, as it did back when Sophocles wrote it. Many examples of things were revealed that occur today as they did back then.

Here Creon shows that he has a sense of pride and that he cannot change his mind. Today people do the same today, where pride takes over so much that they cannot change their minds. Creon said, “And you made free to overstep my law?”(25 Sophocles) In this quote, he was asking Antigone if she could just break his laws without any punishment. Uncovering pride, he is saying that he is omniscient and she cannot go against him. “The enemy can never be a friend, even in death.” Said Creon (29 Sophocles). This character was showing that he could not change his mind thought this.  An example of pride that relates to today would be Muhammad Ali. He once said, “I am the greatest.” This shows pride because he is boasting about how good he is. When people say, “You are as stubborn as a mule,” They mean that mules are stubborn animal therefore people compare you to mules which would tell you will not change your mind.Being stubborn and prideful can get you into quite a bit of trouble.

Next example would be of  an unusually gifted or intelligent young person is a prodigy. Creon’s son, Haemon, showed this when he said, “…I am young; It is not well to have regard to years rather than services.” (40 Sophocles) Haemon was talking to Creon telling him that I know what I am talking about. Haemon knows more than Creon, and Creon will not let his son tell him what to think because he is more intelligent than him. An example of this today would be at school when a student knows more than the teacher, it is rare, but it still happens today. This is a prodigy because the young intelligent student proves the professor wrong.  Being a prodigy can cause a disturbance in common roles.

Subsequently rivalry between siblings can be found in this tragedy as well as in the present. Ismene and Antigone show a rivalry when Antigone wants a proper burial and her sister disagrees. When Antigone said, “ My own brother and yours I will! If you will not, I will; I shall not prove disloyal.” (3 Sophocles) Antigone showed that she wanted to bury her brother and Ismene does not. This kind of rivalry is shown when the two sisters disagree if their brother should be buried. An example of this would be when my sisters and me fight about where to put our stuff. If they need the same space that I need, then there is rivalry going on there.  This rivalry shows the disagreement between where to keep stuff. This happens in modern day life.

Revealed in this tragedy, multiple examples of current day things can be related to this work of literature. Stubbornness and pride can turn good people bad. Prodigies are found in Antigone as they are found in today’s society. Rivalry is a great example that is found both back then and nowadays. You can learn a lot from reading this work of literature and its relevancy to today.

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