Waiting for Godot, Lucky’s Speech Analysis

A very short analysis of Lucky’s speech in Waiting for Godot.

Waiting for Godot

Lucky’s Speech

Repetition, use of nonsense words, and misuse of words.

                Lucky’s speech is about God. He first speaks about God and his description of a man who “ loves us dearly with some exceptions…” and “Suffers like…those who…” Later on in his speech he speaks of “fire in the air”, “earth in the great cold” and “the year of their lord…” which signifies the end of the world.

                There are many nonsense words used to convey a message in Lucky’s speech. Lucky uses the phrases “quaquaquaqua” before and after the words “with white beard.” This brings attention to these words. People think of God as having a white beard because in literature and in movies, the old man with the long white beard has the most wisdom. The word divine is repeated over and over because this word is only used when talking about a god or a heaven. The word aphasia means to have a loss of understanding of written language. Does this mean that we cannot understand God’s word (the Bible)? The words “For reasons unknown” is repeated and it means different things at different times but for the most part it means we (as human beings) cannot comprehend why. Lucky goes on to say “as a result of the labors left unfinished crowned by the Acacacacademy of Anthropopopometry.” I find this a misuse of words. Anthropometry is the measurement of size and proportion of the human body, how does that make a complete thought? It probably doesn’t.

                Lucky uses the words “concurrently simultaneously”, when someone speaks or even writes they never use two synonyms next to each other. These two words literally mean side by side and in his speech he of course uses them side by side. Lucky says words that are close to synonyms again by saying “abandoned unfinished.” Lucky could have been trying to prove that he was breaking sentences off or that humans always leave things deserted. When Lucky is giving examples of sports he says things that aren’t sports. I think that in their “world” things that we don’t consider an activity that involves skill or physical power…does. Dying? Conating? Floating? Gliding? These are sports? Putting these things in the list of sports makes it seem like these are things people compete to do.

                 Looking at this speech there are many isolated words and words that aren’t words but they play a huge roll in understanding what Lucky was talking about. His speech wasn’t random gibberish; it had a substantial beginning, middle, and end. Lucky’s speech talked about what some people have believed for thousands of years.

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