Anime: A Misconception

I rather people take the time to learn about it, before disrespecting my love in life.

An interesting situation occurred today, when I needed to explain the different types of anime there were and what manga was exactly. The idea of set ideas were still present among people, came as a minor disappointment at someone calling manga a simple porn type of stuff—not only was this amazingly wrong, but salt in the wound came in the form of him lacking the idea that manga was basically a Japanese comic, rather than his interpretation involving the single-minded view of what he was referring to. On the other hand, anime had some level of being well-known until someone again referred to it as that weird porn stuff. You get one weird anime film in the 90’s and the idea sticks for a lifetime—I was thankful for being present and able to correct someone of their gravely mislead ideas.

Though, I still have a vague annoyance at someone being quite and very much wrong on what exactly anime and manga are meant to be. Explaining anime seemed to be the amusing one of the two as I went into detail of what there was within the complicated map of cross-genre type series while going with explaining what hentai, ecchi and the less assuming stuff were—someone said I knew too well and I openly admitted I look at. How do you deter someone from asking more? Answer them with the truth and they walk away.

The person I was explaining anime needed a basic setup of what it was and what it was, was simply animation from Japan and nothing else—the explanation of what manga was, followed a kind of mirror route as I simply explained it was weird stuff and more—and this might strike your socks off—simply a Japanese comic.

What does this mean for anime and manga? I can imagine ideas roam the minds of many and that it is might have something to do with one extremely twisted anime of the demonic porn kind—weirdly out of all the stuff I’ve seen of the weird stuff—as it is called by some—I’ve never taken the time to see it while having a full brief about the plot, the characters and stuff in it, fully read up on.

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