Analysis of “The Passing of Arthur” by Tennyson

This is a literary analysis of Tennyson’s poem "The Passing of Arthur".

o   Ideal common picturesque scene, but because of this unretainable—perfect world is impossible

o   Creation – pulled to the country together

o   Knights of the round table – unity and service

o   Lady of the lake is associated with the Church

o   Mythology and religion (to belief systems—reconciliation of two—king of God)

o   Lines 154-165 to betray: Lacelot [service] and Modred [blood]—then sense of the land of the dead – vow of loyalty is worse, by word plus honour, not blood

o   Bedivere [kind of like Peter betrays twice] he is first and last knighted with him

o   Cycle—moves Arthur’s rise to fall, beast come to natureà images of death

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