Verses of Love by Habiburrahman El-Shirazi

This is the review of the novel Verses of Love by El-Shirazi.

I would recommend my friends to read the novel ‘Verses of Love’ by Habiburrahman El-Shirazi. This is an Islamic novel written by an Indonesian novelist named Habiburrahman El Shirazy, who is also a graduate from Al-Azhar University in Cairo. Even though it sounds like a religious novel and Islamic, this novel is suitable to everyone, even for non-Muslims because it talks about differences of religions as well, not to be biased to one particular religion. This novel also portrays many aspects of relationships including relationships between friends, spouses, society, and people from different religions. Not only will the novel narrate the story about relationship matters, it opens our minds to be aware of many current issues concerning education, laws, politics and love in many more other general aspects.

       The book describes the tolerance between two societies that has many differences in terms of religion, culture and nations and yet, they can still tolerate with each other. This is rarely seen nowadays and the way the author narrate the story made me think of how the tolerance can be returned like that. This is because nowadays, people are not so good-hearted and prejudices turn them into someone with no compassion and sympathy anymore. Thus, I think I would recommend this novel to my other friends so that the message of kindness will be well spread over the places and this will give chance to me to save the world, and turn it as a better place to live in.

      Basically, the story lingers around the life of Fahri, the protagonist. Fahri is an Indonesian student who is studying in a university of Al-Azhar, Cairo. The love in this story involve three women; Nurul, Aisha and Maria. The love story flow beautifully. In Fahri’s view of love, true love is the love that is given from someone to their spouse. Therefore, for him, an apparent love is the love before marriage. Even though Nurul and fahri has the sama feeling of love, in the end, he finally marries Aisha, a woman that he loves with all his heart. The presence of Maria, his non-Moslem neighbor adds the wonder in the story. Maria falls in love with Fahri, however, when fahri has married, she has an emotional breakdown and suffers a serious illness and finally dies. All the obstacle that Fahri went through make me feel so motivated to face the hardships in life with courage and faith in God.

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