10 Best Sites to Download Free Romance Ebooks

This article shows you the websites to download free romantic ebooks from. You can save a lot of money downloading free ebooks! You have romantic novels right at your fingertips, for free!

10 Best Sites to Download FREE Romance Ebooks

If you are looking for free romantic novels that you can download for free, visit the sites below!  You will find LOTS of free romance ebooks!

Free romance ebooks # 1


On eharlequin.com you will find 15 free romance ebooks.  The titles are Baby Bonanza, Slow Hands, Price of Passion, Irresistible Forces, Hide in Plain Sight, Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch, Kiss Me Deadly, Stranded With a Spy, Once a Cowboy, Dancing in The Moonlight, Snowbound, The Bride’s Baby, A Very Special Delivery, Speed Dating, His Lady Mistress, Homespun Bride, and The Rebel Doctor’s Bride. 

Free romance ebooks # 2


There are about 177 free romance ebooks available on this site.  That’s a lot of free ebooks!  Some of the ebook titles include Kept, Slave to Passion, See Me, Be Mine, Unplugged, Conrad’s First Girl, Fobidden: The Union, and many more.

Free romance ebooks # 3


This site is all about romance ebooks!  There are about 5 pages of free romance ebooks to choose from.

Free romance ebooks # 4


Some of the free romance ebooks here you can read online, some you can download.  “The Road To Romance” – for readers and writers of romantic fiction.

Free romance ebooks # 5


On this Romance at Heart online magazine, you will find some free romance ebooks.  There is also a link to Payton Lee’s free download books (complete novels).

Free romance ebooks # 6


On free-ebooks.net there are about 9 pages full of romance ebook titles.  You can choose to read the romance ebooks online, in PDF format or Mobipocket.  Some of the romance ebook titles include: 101 Romantic Ideas, Anna Karenina, Camille, etc.

Free romance ebooks # 7


Diesel eBook Store offers a wide variety of ebooks.  They have a section for free eBook Download Collection. The free romance ebook titles are: The Medusa Affair, Taken By The Highwayman, Speed Dating, etc.   Diesel eBooks offer free download option in both Microsoft Reader and Mobipocket. 

Free romance ebooks # 8


There are so many free romance ebooks you can find here at MemoWare.  There are about 159 free romance ebooks!

Free romance ebooks # 9


This is also a great site to download free ebooks.  You can choose to download the books in Adobe PDF format, MS Reader or Web (HTML).  Some of the ebook titles include: Songbird, Special Delivery: A Bride, Out of the Fog, Wayback Wallflower, Never Say Never, Wishes Do Come True, etc.

Free romance ebooks # 10


Some of the ebook titles are: Cupid Traps, Hollywood to Morocco, and Journey of the Heart and Other Love Stories.

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    Good share! I love reading romance books but I prefer the hard copies. Thank you.

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    Good share, bookworms will definitely gain from this post.

  3. Rose V Lilly
    Posted March 24, 2010 at 8:22 pm

    I love romance books, I’ll have to check out some of these e-books.

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    Good resource for us hopeless romantics.

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