Free Romance Novels: Never Buy Another Love Story

There are lots of great romance novels on the internet for free. Here is how to get them.

Why pay for a romance novel? Admittedly some are better than others but there is a lot of great work out there that for some reason or another did not make it to a major publisher.

Not all of free online romance novels were rejected for quality reasons. Most simply do not fit into publishers like Harlequin’s writing formula and their authors did not feel that they could alter them to fit and still retain the original story.

Romance book publishers have rigid formulas such as how many words exactly, within a couple of hundred and about the sequence of the novel.

It must fit a certain model of introduction, seduction and love, to be a Harlequin book. The truth is life, and love is simply not that easy. Many authors simply give up on satisfying grind house publishers and choose to submit their works to free romance novel sites or create their own websites to display their work.

Some are available only in PDF form so you will need an Adobe reader. Other free romance novels are readable in a word processor such as Microsoft Works or Word, even notepad if that is all that you have on your computer.

Keep in mind that if the print size is too small you can change it. In Microsoft word go to “Tools” and then click on “Large”, “Medium”, etc. to change the size of the print in the online book.

Many free online books are available for download.

Sites where you can grab free romance novels to your hard drive include Road To Romance which offers both down-loadable and online works you can read as HTML files on your browser.

Buzzle offers both romance novels and short stories of the racy variety. This site is for adult reading only.

Island Romance Novels offers romance stories with a tropical, island, sailing or Caribbean flavor.

Public Bookshelf offers many classic romance novels such as “Blue Lagoon” that have been offered up by the estates of the authors as free content or are available because no copyright laws apply.

Whatever your tastes are, there is enough free romance books for your reading pleasure to last the winter, even if it is a long cold one.

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